Fighting Style Akaza "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba", Soryu Style

Fighting Style Akaza "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba", Soryu Style

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Fighting Style Akaza is a very strong and terrible fighting style, Since he was a normal human he has used this ability very perfectly. The talent possessed by Akaza is indeed very large, he can defeat dozens of trained samurai using only his bare hands (when he was still a normal human). According to muzan, his human abilities are very similar to the abilities of a demon.

Akaza is a high-ranking demon who has very strong strength and determination. Currently Akaza is in the rank-3 position of the top ranked demons and continues to improve his abilities by killing weak demons as well as strong demon slayers. He is a type of demon who is very thirsty for battle with the aim of becoming the strongest. As long as his determination and will to fight is still there, then it will be very difficult to kill him.

Fighting Style Akaza – Soryu Style

Akaza has extraordinary abilities in martial arts even before he became a demon. This ability is very prominent and he can use it very well. After becoming a Devil, his martial arts abilities grew even stronger with an almost imperceptible increase in speed and extremely terrifying strength.

His martial arts skills are combined with his demon blood techniques as well as his superhuman abilities. That way, Akaza becomes a very scary demon and is almost impossible to kill by demon slayers.

Soryu Styleis a martial art that uses both the user's arms and legs to release fast and powerful attacks, this technique targets the opponent's neck and weapon. Akaza learned this technique from Keizo, He learned it when he was still living with Keizo and took care of Koyuki (Keizo is a martial arts expert).


The Soryu Style ability is the main skill used by Akaza, In every fight he always uses this technique to kill his opponents. After becoming a demon, the Soryu Style became faster and stronger. Akaza can kill his opponent very easily and even the top ranked demon slayers are also defeated by him.

After using the Soryu style, Akaza begins to develop other techniques which he uses to destroy the opponent's weapons with very little effort. Bell Splitter is one of the skills he made based on Soryu's main ability, however this technique is used from the side when descending to attack the opponent's weapon.

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