Nezuko Kamado's Full Strength “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”

Nezuko Kamado's Full Strength “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”


Nezuko Kamado's full power in the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba anime has been shown during his battle against a top-ranked demon. At that time Nezuko turned into a demon and used her ability to destroy a top rank 6 demon (Although not to death). In that fight, Nezuko managed to corner her opponent so she couldn't attack back.

Since the beginning of the story, Nezuko is one of the characters who has mysterious powers and very rarely shows her abilities clearly in battle. However, in his battle against the top 6 demons, he showed his full abilities as a half-demon. This ability physically looks like a demon in general, Nezuko has extraordinary immunity and strength.

Nezuko Kamado's

Full Strength Nezuko Kamado's Full Strength is seen when he completely transforms into a demon form, all of which is seen in his fight against top-ranked demons. Nezuko has the ability of demon blood that can heal the human body, but this blood technique is very dangerous for demons.

Nezuko has enormous power in her demon form, but it takes her a long time to recover her strength. The reason is that, unlike other demons who eat human flesh, Nezuko falls asleep to recover her powers. In other words, Nezuko is a very kind demon and always protects humans.

Nezuko has enormous strength and endurance, all of which can be seen when she fights against the top 6 demons. When Nezuko's body is cut into several pieces, her body automatically returns to its original form and regenerates very quickly.

In the last battle against the Demon King Muzan, Nezuko gained a very unique power and was very difficult for demons to obtain. Nezuko gains strength that can withstand sunlight, all of which opens up opportunities to become the strongest demon. Since the Demon King Muzan doesn't have that power, Muzan's weakness is sunlight.

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