Lemiel Silvamillion Clover "1st Magic Emperor", The Magic Emperor Before Julius

Lemiel Silvamillion Clover "1st Magic Emperor", The Magic Emperor Before Julius

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Lemiel Silvamillion Clover "1st Magic Emperor", The Magic Emperor Before Julius


Lemiel Silvamillion Clover "1st Magic Emperor", The Magic Emperor Before Julius

Lemiel Was the First Magic Emperor in the Clover Kingdom. Magic emperors before Julius until now have not been mentioned one by one. But what is clear is that Lemiel Silvamillion Clover has been confirmed as the first emperor of the Clover kingdom.


Lemiel has a curiosity about all kinds of magic, this trait is the same as the magic emperor Julius who every day seeks and learns new types of magic. But what is different is that Lemiel prefers to create magical items that can be useful for everyone.

Lemiel has a very kind heart and mind. He did not differentiate between Nobles and Commoners.

The Kindness of Lemiel Silvamillion Clover, Magic Emperor Before Julius (1st Magic Emperor)

Lemiel has a calm and kind heart. It does not distinguish a person from race or from nobility. In fact he is also good friends with the Elf Tribe and until the final battle they still trust each other.

Unlike the other nobles, Julis didn't have any bad prejudice against the elves or the commoners. He considers all the same as beings who respect each other.

The Beginning of Lemiel Silvamillion Clover, Known as the First "Magic Emperor" of

the Elf Tribe experienced a very terrible incident, namely being slaughtered by the devil. The incident occurred during Licht and Tetia's wedding.

Licht is a 4-leaf clover Grimoire wielder. The 4-leaf Grimmoire wielder will turn into a 5-leaf clover grimoire if the owner falls into Despair. Licht, ​​After seeing the Elf Tribe slaughtered he immediately fell into despair.

In order to prevent the demons from taking over his body, Licht turns around and becomes an enormous and terrible monster. Then after that He asked Lemiel to kill him.

After the Monstrous Monster was defeated. Lemiel was so badly injured that he was sealed by Secre on top of a skull statue. So from there he was known as the First Magic Emperor of the Clover Kingdom.

Lemiel's Strength Silvamillion Clover

Lemiel possesses a 4-leaf clover Grimoire that contains various Light-based spells. Lemiel uses this magic to create and manipulate Light.

Light Magic

uses this magic to create and manipulate Light. Usually he will make a sword made of light and attack with great damage using light.

By using this light magic he is able to move quickly. And then he also always uses light explosions and light arrows when in battle.

Lemiel's Light Magic Power :

  • Lamp Of Avior
  • Light Arroe Spell
  • Light Sword Spell
  • Lamp Of Avior Gloria

Combined Magic

combines his own magic with Licht's sword magic. This combined magic allows him to give or add power from other magic. With this power he is able to combine very terrible power.

Licht and Lemiel's Combined Magic Named Demon-Dweller Sword : Protecting Light

Magic Power

Lemiel has a very large magic power. Even his strength is able to match the Elves and Lichts. When fighting the Devil Licht Lemiel's strength is able to match him. That way Lemiel's power is at the highest level for mankind.

That power underlies him being made the first magic emperor in the Clover Kingdom.

Incredible Speed

​​By using light-based magic he is able to move quickly. This was shown when he just woke up from his statue form and immediately flew towards the elves in the clover kingdom.

Mana Sensor

was able to sense mana in his area. This power is capable of reaching areas miles away.

A Craftsman

As explained from the start, Lemiel has an interest in magic and then creates various magic items. He is very skilled in crafting magic-powered items.

The Mana

Mana Zone is also controlled by Lemiel. This power is used to control all the mana in his area and then he uses it to expand his Magic Power Network.


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