6 Facts of Yuno In the Anime "Black Clover", Handsome & Smart

6 Facts of Yuno In the Anime "Black Clover", Handsome & Smart

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6 Facts of Yuno In the Anime "Black Clover", Handsome & Smart


6 Facts of Yuno In the Anime "Black Clover", Handsome & Smart

Yuno is a smart and handsome character in the Black Clover anime series. Yuno has great magical talent and is a wind magic user.

An orphan who was raised by one of the churches in the coastal area of ​​​​the Clover kingdom. Yuno is a young boy who has a slim body and ideal height so he is admired by many women.

His attractive appearance and cold demeanor make him a male character who is favored by many women. Then Yuno always carries his Grimoire wherever he goes and the necklace he wears is typical of his appearance.

Yuno's Personality

As previously explained, Yuno has a strong appearance and is supported by his good looks. Yuno is a favorite among black clover women and his cold demeanor makes him even more seductive.

An extraordinary appearance and supported by a cool attitude made him even more noticed. But Yuno is not a wealthy nobleman so he is still underestimated by the nobles in the kingdom.

Knight of the Golden Dawn

Everyone wants the power of Yuno because he has extraordinary magical talent. All the magic army commanders wanted him to be a part of his magic army.

But the Karna of the Golden Dawn was a very formidable troop group and approached the magic emperor. So Yuno chose the Golden Faja as his magic troop group and then he was guided by the Vengeance commander.

Yuno's abilities are recognized by all the commanders of the magic forces who later become the favorite to become the vice-captain of the golden dawn.

Rival and Friend of “ASTA”

since childhood, even since he was discovered by church elders. Asta and Yuno are already together and are an orphan as well. They grew up together in the church and share the same goal of becoming the Magic Emperor.

The difference between the two of them was the “Magic Talent” that both of them possessed. Yuno has extraordinary magical talent. Whereas Asta has no magic talent at all.

Even though their talents are inversely proportional, they remain friends and become rivals between the two. Asta doesn't have any magic talent but he fights hard to be able to fight as a magic knight. And then Asta gets his Grimoire which is dubbed the Devil's Grimoire.

They became Rivals for the Magic Emperor Throne. They had received medals and awards for their great contribution to the kingdom. And that's where their power is shown so that everyone will no longer look down on them.


Back when Yuno was little and lived in the church with Asta. Yuno is a person who has a weak / crybaby personality and lacks determination. Even though his magical talent has been seen since he was young, what he does is far from his very great talent.

Little Yuno is so whiny and can't even defend herself. But that all changes after Asta saves Yuno and talks about "Determination".

Asta explains his dream and determination which is then able to awaken Haiti and Yuno's mind. After that incident Yuno became someone who was very sturdy and able to protect everyone around him.

Yuno Always protects anyone and includes allies who help him. Everyone is helped by his strength and intelligence.

Magic Emperor

Asta and Yuno want the Position of Magic Emperor. The goal of the two of them is to become the next Magic Emperor.

Yuno has extraordinary strength and has even joined the greatest magic group, the golden dawn. Then Yuni also has extraordinary strength.

Yuno's power

Sylph "Wind Spirit" chooses to serve Yuno and makes him his Master. With his Magic Talent and rare Grimoire (4/Luck Leaf) he has made Yuno a very extraordinary magic fighter.

Magic Yuno :

  • Wind Magic
  • Creation Magic
  • Spirit Magic
  • Reinforcement Magic

Ability :

  • Immense Magic Power
  • Enhanced Mana Sensory
  • Mana Zone
  • Spirit Absorption
  • Strong Will


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