Noelle Silva's Strength | Black Clover | Waterbending Valkyrie

Noelle Silva's Strength | Black Clover | Waterbending Valkyrie

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Noelle Silva's Strength | Black Clover | Waterbending Valkyrie

Noelle Silva's Strength | Black Clover | Waterbending Valkyrie

Noelle Silva is one of the noble descendants who has the magic power of Water. Noelle Silva's power is water magic similar to her dead mother's magic power.

At first Noelle was exiled by her own family for reasons of her own safety. But after Noelle shows her great strength, she is able to make her brother admit her strength. And then he was invited to fight together against the Elves controlled by the devil.

Noelle Saves her family from an elf attack. Even though at first all of Noelle's siblings really hate and don't want to have anything to do with Noelle. After saving all of his siblings, Noelle is recognized that he is ready to fight on the battlefield.

The power of Noelle Silva

The power of Noelle Silva is an extraordinary water Magic power but at the beginning of the story Noelle is unable to control her magic. After joining the Black Bull, Noelle's magic is so great that it can be controlled well and she is even able to master Valkyrie magic which is similar to her mother's magic.

Noelle's mother is a great magic Knight with the nickname "The dancing princess on the battlefield". It was based on his mother's Valkyrie armor fighting as if someone were dancing on the wind. His strength and speed were formidable and even admired by all the magic knights in the kingdom.

Water Magic

has the basic power of water magic which she can manipulate according to her will. He often uses this water magic to create powerful water ball attacks.

The water ball magic used aims to attack the enemy by shooting it. From small to large water balls Noelle uses to attack the enemy.

One of the powers of the water ball that has been seen is: Sea Dragon's Waterball

Creation Magic

With creation magic Noelle can create certain objects using water. This magic is used to attack to defend in every battle.

One of the best creation magic is changing her form into a Valkyrie when fighting the Elves who are controlled by demons. At that time Noelle managed to defeat the elves and protect all her siblings.

Noelle's creation magic that has been shown:

  • Sea Dragon's Nest, Used to defend by creating a water dome that protects Noelle from all around
  • Sea Dragon's Cradle, This power is like a transportation device that can transport several people at once
  • Sea Dragon's roar, This magic is used to attack enemies with great strength and capable of even hitting the strongest mage.
  • Valkyrie Dress, a sturdy armor that can strengthen and accelerate Noelle's power. This was proven by the victory against the ELF
  • Point Blank Sea Dragon's roar, the enormous power of using a large water dragon.

Reinforcement Magic

Like other magic knights noelle also has the power to strengthen her magic and physique. Usually this magic is used to create mana skins and strengthen the user's physique.

Until now there are 2 types of magic that have been used, namely mana skin and Leg Strengthboost

. Incredible Magic Power.

As previously explained that Noelle is a descendant and part of a noble family. That way Noelle has enormous magic power.

Noelle has shown this a lot, such as making giant water balls to large dragons that are used to attack enemies. Although at first Noelle could not control the accuracy of her water power, but after joining Black Bull Noelle became more confident and able to master it.


uses a 3 leaf clover Grimoire which she uses to amplify and create her water magic. With basic water magic then he uses his Grimoire to strengthen every attack and defense using his water magic.




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