Asta's Power "Black Clover", Devil Grimoire User & Anti-Magic

Asta's Power "Black Clover", Devil Grimoire User & Anti-Magic


Asta's Power "Black Clover", Devil Grimoire User & Anti-Magic


Asta's Power "Black Clover", Devil Grimoire User & Anti-Magic

All the magic knights in the Clover kingdom have different but different types of magic from Asta. Asta's power is very rarely encountered and even today no one has equaled it.

Asta is a knight who has no magic abilities. So he continued to train to improve his physical strength. Even though he doesn't have magic power, Asta continues to practice until he manages to become one of the Clover Kingdom's magic knights.

In the Clover Kingdom, Asta joins the Black Bull Squad which has super strong members and fierce commanders. Even during the magic knight entrance exam, Asta is given a death threat test by Yami, the commander of Black Bull.

Power Asta 

Anti Magic

doesn't have the slightest bit of magic power. This is shown by the many anti-magic birds that attack him in the clover kingdom magic knight entrance exam.

Even though he doesn't have magic power, Asta continues to fight to get a ticket to become a magic knight. So he got his anti-magic power.

This anti-magic power allows Asta to neutralize all types of magic that hit his body or weapons. This anti-magic can block all enemy attacks and defenses. That way Asta is categorized as a knight with a "mysterious" level because of his unique type of power.

So all attacks or defenses that Asta does are able to neutralize the enemy's magic. Some of the anti-magic techniques that Asta often uses:

  • Bull Thrust
  • Black Meteorite
  • Black Hurricane
  • Demon Slayer Sword: Black Divider
  • Demon Dweller Sword: Black Slash


Magic This combined magic is when Asta borrows his friend's power or uses his friend's magic which he then reflects.

Asta has anti-magic abilities. However, this power can also be used to reflect other people's magical energy or even borrow it by absorbing other people's magic into the blade.

Expert Swordsman

At first Asta is an ordinary sword user with rough swordsmanship (without technique). However, with the development of his experience and training with Fanzell Kruger, he was able to become an expert swordsman.

Asta's experience of fighting with his team makes him understand more about how to slash enemies. So that he can master certain techniques in using his Grimoire sword.

Has No Magic Power

He has no Mana so he can't use magic power. However, with this power Asta cannot be detected by mana sensors and he also has the possibility of not being weakened.

Weakening can only be done to targets that have mana and then the target's mana is drained.

Immense Physical

Strength Asta's Physical Strength is a high-level Physical Strength. He is able to push up thousands of times using just one hand. Then his physical attack is also great so he is able to destroy thick walls without making him hurt at all.

The Great Strength in his muscles was able to lift and wield a large Sword. He can also control all the skills on his greatsword.

Speed ​​Increase

In addition to the incredible physical strength. Asta also has above average speed. Even some people think that Asta uses magic to quickly move places.


Endurance His body resistance is so extraordinary that he is able to survive even after receiving very strong attacks. Asta will continue to stand even though his body is crushed and unable to move.


instincts Asta's fighting and defense instincts are very good. So that he is able to move parts of his body very precisely and accurately.


This power Yami brought from the land of his birth. So not everyone is able to use the power of KI.

This power is in the form of a sixth sense that allows the user to know where someone is without having to look at them. And this power is also capable of detecting the truth from one's heart. For example, if people are lying or giving off a certain aura then with KI all of that will be seen.

Devil Possessed

Asta has demonic powers from his 5-leaf Grimoire. By using this power Asta can turn into a demon who has anti-magic powers.

That way Asta has access to a lot to use this power. So the more he uses this power, the more the demon changes.

Anti Magic Sword

has a sword capable of neutralizing all types of magic. Usually he will slash or make the sword as a means of defense or attack that can eliminate enemy magic.

The following is the stance of Asta's anti-magic sword:

  • Demon Slayer Sword
  • Demon Dweller Sword
  • Demon Destroyer Sword
  • Demon Slasher Katana


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