Not Uchihas! These are the 5 Clans Respected in Naruto

Not Uchihas! These are the 5 Clans Respected in Naruto

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Not Uchihas! These are the 5 Clans Respected in Naruto

Being part of a clan is something to be proud of in the Shinobi World of Naruto.

There are only a few respected clans in Naruto that are synonymous with respect, power, and admiration.

Almost everyone in the series is either a member of a prominent clan or is related to one.

A clan is a collection of ninja who share the same blood and techniques. There are many clans in the series, each earning the respect of their peers throughout the ages.

Apart from this venerable family, there were others whose special powers or abilities gave anyone who heard their name goosebumps.

So who are the respected clans in Naruto? Let's see the review!

Here are the respected clans in Naruto that you need to know about:

1) the Nara clan

A shinobi needs a clear and sharp mind to effectively complete their missions. Of all the clans in Naruto, the Nara clan is the one that struggles the least with this issue. He is famous for his high IQ and strategic mind and the nara clan is a respected clan in naruto.

Shukaku Nara is Konoha's chief ninja and has done a fantastic job in this position over the years. His son, Shikamaru, is one of the most intelligent people in the entire world.

Every ninja in the Naruto universe has heard of Nara's name, and most Shinobi have great respect for them for their achievements.

2) the Yamanaka

clan The clan that is respected in the next naruto is the Yamanaka clan. All the clans in this Ninja are always to dodge any physical attack that comes their way.

However, few are prepared for the attack on their minds, where they are most vulnerable.

This is why the Yamanaka clan is one of the most respected in the world, their mastery of mental Jutsu.

These clan members were the best when it came to interrogation, as well as covert communication during missions. Because of them, the Shinobi Alliance was able to work as a solid unit during the Fourth Great ninja war.

3) the Hyuga clan

Although not the strongest clan, the Hyuga clan was a respected clan in Naruto at that time.

The Hyuga Clan has few relevant members, unlike many others on this list. Despite this, they are known and respected throughout the world thanks to the actions of the Shinobi who adorned Hyuga, Neji, and Hinata.

This Lee clan has melee attack skills and is famous for the Byakugan technique which is very deadly when fighting with its enemies.

4) the Sarutobi clan

When the leader of your clan is known as the God of Shinobi, you know that your family is respected by the whole world. The Sarutobi clan may not be the most powerful in Konoha, but it does have some of the most talented Shinobi ever.

As mentioned earlier, the head of the clan, Hiruzen Sarutobi, was given the title of the most powerful ninja of his time. He was also Konoha's Hokage for decades.

5) the Hatake clan

Respect is more difficult for some clans than others, a fact the small but well-known Hatake clan is aware of. We only know of two members of this family who have become powerful Shinobi, but both are among the most powerful ever.

The former head of the clan, Sakumo Hatake, is said to have power that can rival the legendary Sanin. Tragically, he committed suicide after being branded a failure by the village, leaving the job to regain the clan's honor to his son, Kakashi.

The younger Hatake did more than enough to earn the world's respect back for his clan, until becoming the sixth Hokage.

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