Synopsis of Isekai Ojisan, The Story of Someone Who Just Returned From the Isekai World

Synopsis of Isekai Ojisan, The Story of Someone Who Just Returned From the Isekai World

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Anime Isekai Ojisan (Uncle from Another World) is one of the newest isekai anime released in the Summer 2022 season, the Isekai Ojisan anime has a very interesting and exciting storyline with om-om appearances. who uses magic in the real world. Isekai Ojisan anime is one of the best anime this season.

The anime "Uncle from Another World" has a very unique storyline, the main character who lived a long time in the fantasy world, managed to return to his original world. After returning to earth, Ojisan can still use his extraordinary power, namely magic power. All of these provide a very interesting storyline, because usually isekai anime will feature a "Hero" story in a new world and this anime is not like that.

Synopsis Isekai Ojisan

Synopsis of the anime “Uncle from Another World”: Tells the story of a young man who has been lying in a hospital bed for a long time. It is estimated that he has been in a coma for more than 17 years. After awakening, He experienced hallucinations that made him called "Crazy" by everyone.

Ojisan always uses very strange language and does very unique movements, all of which make him crazy by everyone who sees him. But apparently, the language and movements used by Ojisan are innate from the isekai world.

During a coma, it turns out that Ojisan moves to the isekai world and there he lives a very terrible life as a magician with a very ugly face. The state of his face that looks ugly makes all the inhabitants of the fantasy world think of him as a terrible monster.

Even so, it turns out that Ojisan has some friends who really care about him. There was even an elf who seemed to like Ojisan, all of which he didn't realize.

After returning to the real world (Earth), Ojisan tries to use his magical abilities by casting spells along with his movements. However the spell used did not cast any magic. After trying it out in Japanese, Ojisan managed to use wind and fire magic.

Since then, Ojisan began to use his ability to create video content and became a Youtuber with content about magic.

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