One Piece Cliffhanger Builds Chaos After War For Wano

One Piece Cliffhanger Builds Chaos After War For Wano

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One Piece Cliffhanger will now be taking a break for the summer, as the series makers gear up for the final saga of the series, and the final moments for the chapter leading up to this tease all the chaos breaking out at sea. outside Wano Negara!

Series creator Eiichiro Oda previously confirmed that following the Wano Country arc, the series will enter the final saga of the manga as a whole.

Fans have seen some of the monumental events taking place within the island, and it only raises the question of how the entire world has been shaped since Luffy and the Straw Hats landed. 

One Piece Cliffhanger explores the land of Wano

The latest chapters of this series explore the immediate impact of the Wano Land arc while setting the plot for the next one and the minor update we got about the state of the world teasing some of the major shocks that have come down since we last got an update after Daydream between the second and third rounds.

And with the new Admiral ready to make his move, it looks like the outer seas are wilder than ever.

Chapter 1053 of One Piece officially ends the Wano Country arc as Luffy and the others celebrate the great victory over Kaido's army and Big Mom with a big festival.

It was during this celebration that Luffy discovered that news of their exploits had reached the outside world, and things had changed.

Not only has Luffy's bounty gone up, but he is now crowned as one of the new Four Emperors. However, another new addition that fills the vacant slot is Buggy.

That raises a lot of questions in and of itself considering we last saw Buggy panic over a sea attack following the disbandment of the Seven Warlords system, but it also raises questions about what could have happened at sea that would have led Buggy to rise to such a point.

This is interesting for two potential reasons. Either piracy has reached such a point that even the marines are struggling to defend it due to the power vacuum left by Big Mom and Kaido, or there is a bigger threat out there that Luffy and the others may not be ready to face.

But what do you think is happening outside Wano? What would you like to see in the outer seas for the final saga?

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