5 The Strength of Kinemon “One Piece”, Samurai Foxfire Kin'emon Kin'emon

5 The Strength of Kinemon “One Piece”, Samurai Foxfire Kin'emon Kin'emon

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Samurai Foxfire Kin’emon

's strength has been shown since the beginning of his introduction to Punk Hazard and Dressrosa, He has devil fruit abilities and haki. Kinemon is one of the samurai under Oden's command and he is one of the strongest samurai currently serving as chairman.

Kinemon lived in ancient times and nowadays he is called an ancient warrior, He does not know all modern things. Kinemon has a very unique personality with an appearance that is taken from the ancient Japanese samurai warriors. As a samurai, he always carries his signature samurai.

Strength Kinemon

has enormous power as a samurai and he can also use haki. His sword skills are combined with excellent haki abilities, besides that he is also a devil fruit user. In the fight against Kaido, Kinemon uses all his abilities in using the sword and special samurai techniques.


Physical Ability

Kin'emon has superhuman abilities with extraordinary endurance, speed and strength. He has had talent since he was little. Since childhood he had trained very hard and fought against very strong enemies.

Tactical Skills

Kin'emon has an extraordinary ability to strategize or tactics in a fight, He is known as a tactician. Kin'emon has excellent intelligence at strategizing and putting people in his plans.

Although he is known as a tactician, not all of his plans go smoothly because sometimes there are things that interfere with his strategy such as people who are difficult to manage and others.


As a samurai, Kinemon has the ability to use a sword as well as a very extraordinary knowledge or technique in using the sword. In his fight against Kaido, Kinemon uses all his abilities and his samurai techniques are clearly seen.

Devil Fruit

Kinemon'sHe can turn small objects into clothes once placed on his head, the technique is always used for disguise. This ability can be used for other people and can be adapted to the situation or needs in battle.


mastered Kenbunshoku Haki and Busoshoku Haki, this Haki ability is always seen in his battles against strong enemies.


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