One Piece: Is Zoro Stronger than Sabo?

One Piece: Is Zoro Stronger than Sabo?

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One Piece: Is Zoro Stronger than Sabo?


One Piece: Is Zoro Stronger than Sabo?

Lately, the revolutionary army has been getting quite a bit of attention in One Piece. Among their ranks is Luffy's foster brother, Sabo, who is the number two in the group and the leader's right-hand man, Dragon.

Roronoa Zoro is Luffy's loyal right-hand man and the strongest member of the straw hat pirates after him in One Piece.

Zoro and Luffy share several strength-related traits and share a close bond, much like Roger and Rayleigh.

Both Zoro and Sabo are very strong and capable fighters, as well as influential right-handers.

Based on their portrayals and achievements, the match between them would be extremely difficult, regardless of the victor. Follow this thread to find out which One Piece character is stronger between Zoro and Sabo.

One Piece: Zoro and Sabo have the same status as strong fighters

Zoro and Sabo have the same status as the second strongest members in a powerful group in the world of One Piece.

 Zoro is Luffy's right-hand man, the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, while Sabo is Dragon's right-hand man, leader of the Revolutionary Army.

In One Piece, the right hand is usually the second, i.e. the strongest after the leader. As the captain's most loyal servant, his right hand supports him in battle and gives him insightful advice.

As such, the right hand often operates as first mate, a high ranking officer who only ranks below the captain. Even when lacking that formal rank, a right-hander can wield authority similar to that of the first mate, deriving that prestige from the strength of his or her superior individual.

Zoro's abilities and achievements compared to Sabo

Both Zoro and Sabo are very strong fighters. At this point in the series, they are strong enough to put up solid fights against most Admirals and Emperors. For example, either Admiral Fujitora or the former Emperor Big Mom will likely be pushed to a very difficult battle for victory against Zoro or Sabo.

An expert swordsman, Zoro performs destructive and deadly slashes with his three Haki-imbued swords. Sabo relies on his power of Flame-Fire, which allows him to create and control fire, which he uses in conjunction with his martial arts styles, namely Dragon Fist and Haki.

Even before unlocking the powerful Advanced Conqueror Haki, Zoro was already a threatening fighter in One Piece.

He defeated fellow Supernovas, Hawkins, Killer, and Apoo. He and Luffy then fought alongside Kid, Killer, and Law, in a fierce battle against Kaido and Big Mom.

So you can say both are balanced, have their advantages and disadvantages.



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