One Punch Man: Can Goku from Dragon Ball Handle a Serious Punch from Saitama?

One Punch Man: Can Goku from Dragon Ball Handle a Serious Punch from Saitama?

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One of the most controversial topics for fans of One Punch Man and Dragon Ball will always be the eternal comparison between the two main characters: Saitama and Goku.

Goku has had several years of defeating powerful opponents and numerous transformations to back up his strength, but the fan favorite bald hero has proven time and time again that his limitless potential deserves to be taken seriously; many of Saitama's most powerful punches in One Punch Man can be fatal to most Dragon Ball characters.

Taking this into account, the question of whether Saitama's Serious Strike will eliminate Goku or whether he is able to withstand his power.

Can Goku Dragon Ball survive Saitama One Punch Man's devastating blow?

Saitama has proven time and time again that no matter how strong he looks, he can still grow stronger.

This was thanks to the training he did before becoming a hero. It was so hard and heavy on his own body that he could break the barrier.

In the One Punch Man universe, barriers are considered to be the pinnacle of one's strength.

No matter how much they practiced, if they had reached their limit, they would not become any stronger. However, since Saitama doesn't have it anymore, he can continue to grow stronger.

As of now, it seems that his Serious Blow is capable of obliterating the entire solar system.

The clash between his Serious Blow and Garou was enough to leave a void.

This meant that his level of strength was already at a point that most humans could not comprehend.

With no limit to how much his strength could grow, no one could predict how strong the favorite bald man would become in the future. However, does this mean Saitama can destroy the Goku Dragon Ball with one hit?

Will Goku survive this powerful attack?

Over the course of Dragon Ball history, fans have seen Goku survive several attacks that would wipe out some of the anime's most powerful characters.

Unlike Saitama, whose series is fairly new, Goku has spent decades training and improving his strength and endurance.

One of his most iconic feats of endurance came in his fight against Beerus, a creature whose blows could threaten the very existence of the entire universe.

Many fans argue that this is due to his Hakai energy, but during his fight with the Saiyans, Beerus doesn't seem to use this energy at all.

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