One Punch Man chapter 178: Saitama vs Tatsumaki Begins

One Punch Man chapter 178: Saitama vs Tatsumaki Begins

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One Punch Man chapter 178: Saitama vs Tatsumaki Begins


One Punch Man chapter 178: Saitama vs Tatsumaki Begins

One Punch Man chapter 178 finally the long-awaited fight between Saitama and Tatsumaki has finally started.

Although these two heroes are often eagerly awaited by fans, they always want to see a fight between them.

Therefore, One Punch Man chapter 178 is mandatory reading for fans.

The previous chapter saw Tatsumaki save Fubuki after a Tsukuyomi member threatened to activate a deadly poison with him.

He defeated the members of the Tsukuyomi, after which he threatened to harm the members of the Blizzard Group when he asked them to leave Fubuki for his own good. It was then that Saitama interrupted Tatsumaki's actions.

One Punch Man chapter 178: Forte plans his revenge fight

One Punch Man chapter 178 , titled Do It Outside, opens with roars coming from the hospital as the doctors operate on him after he is taken down by a monster. Forte has been hospitalized and Chain-Toad and Butterfly DX check on him.

Concerned about something, the doctors revealed how they performed surgery to strengthen him due to his serious condition.

This didn't sit well with Forte, who thought he was being ignored. Along with that, he started to think that Saitama was a Psychic like Tatsumaki considering he was hit from behind while he was standing in front of him.

As Forte starts contemplating a revenge match with Saitama, Chain-Toad and Butterfly DX head out to check on the commotion going on around the Monster Containment area.

Elsewhere, Tatsumaki starts using his Psychic powers to threaten Saitama because he didn't let go of his hand when she asked him to do so.

He continued to increase the intensity of his esper power as the vibrations made the entire building shake and collapse.

It was then that Tatsumaki remembered Saitama as the guy Genos was usually with, which made him confused as to why he would go against him.

As Saitama starts to get frustrated by Tatsumaki, he asks Fubuki to take his Blizzard Group outside the building as he plans to take Tatsumaki down for his stubbornness.

Tatsumaki can see how familiar Saitama is talking to his sister when he asks how she is related to him.

To this, Saitama replies that Fubuki was an acquaintance of his, which apparently hurt him.


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