Overlord Season 3 Anime Synopsis, The Great Tomb of Nazarick

Overlord Season 3 Anime Synopsis, The Great Tomb of Nazarick

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Overlord Season 3 Anime Synopsis, The Great Tomb of Nazarick

Overlord Season 3 Anime Synopsis entitled "Desperation". In this season the Tomb of Nazarick will wage the Great War and conquer the empire.

The First Episode started with the distribution of gifts given by Ainz to all his subordinates for doing well. The work in question is a mission that has been carried out in Season 2.

At the beginning of the story of Season 3, Ainz's subordinates enjoy their free time and relax for some time. This was evident from several of Ainz's subordinates who went on vacation and ate together. Then here will also be the first day for the woman whom Sebas saved to work in Nazarick.

The meeting began to determine the future direction of the Nazarick Meal. During that conversation Ainz and Demiurge explained the achievements and the successful completion of the First mission. Demiurge explained Ainz's goal of taking over the world that Ainz basically didn't know wtf Why? The story is in season 1.

Introducing the Tomb of Nazarick to the World

Nazarick was originally working behind the scenes due to limited information. However, in this season Nazarick will be introduced to the outside world in order to gain recognition from the world. The Tomb of Nazarick was also introduced with the aim that all enemies behind the scenes came out so as not to burden the Tomb of Nazarick.

The first to know about Nazarick was Carne Village which was the first Village Ainz saved. Carne Village was an area that Ainz had used as a foothold and Nphirea was a medicine expert who worked on making herbal potions. The potion he made was an important potion for the research of Nazarick's tomb so that Carne Village was well guarded.

Carne Village was attacked by a group of Monsters carrying magic swords. But Carne Village was able to survive and win the battle. After the battle is over, Carne Village gets a new weapon, a fairly strong magic sword.

The sorceress Fluder Paradyne discovered the location of the Nazarick's meal and reported it to the emperor. Then the Emperor formed a group to explore the ruins (nazarick's tomb). The group assigned to explore is a groupworkerswho have above average strength.

Assault on the Tomb of Nazarick

Workers roamed the Tomb of Nazarick for information and treasures. But the guards were already preparing to greet them.

The Workers Against the Tomb Guards of Nazarick in full force. But They were all slaughtered by the guards and made the Mission a mission full of mistakes.

Ainz sent an emissary to the Emperor that was Aura and her twin sister. Aura brought a Dragon and destroyed many royal soldiers and then asked the emperor to apologize to the Tomb of Nazarick.

Emperor Jircniv's Apology Rune Farlord El Nix (Baharuth Empire)

This meeting was attended by emperor baharuth in person. The Emperor came to meet Ainz in the Great Tomb of Nazarick with several soldiers with him.

The meeting resulted in several important points including the formation of an alliance between the two kingdoms. But Ainz formed an alliance with the pretext of gaining recognition from the outside world that the Tomb of Nazarick was an area controlled by Ainz.

The Great War Against the Kingdom of Re-Estize

This battle was fought to take the area close to the Tomb of Nazarick including Carne Village. Ainz wanted to take control of the area in his name and the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

This war was conveyed by the Bahamuth Empire to the Re-Estize kingdom. Then one of Re-Estize's royal cities, E-Rantel, became a part that Ainz wanted to dominate in order to expand its area.

In this war many victims fell including Gazef (Chief Soldier of the Re-Estiza Kingdom) and his Crown Prince. This battle was won by Ainz and his army and made E-Rantel the first major city controlled by the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

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