7 Facts About Demiurge “Overlord” The Demon Emperor

7 Facts About Demiurge “Overlord” The Demon Emperor

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7 Facts About Demiurge “Overlord” The Demon Emperor

Demiurge is one of Ainz's subordinates in charge of guarding the 7th Floor of the Great Dining Room of Nazarick. Ulbert Alain Odle created Demiurge and Made Commander of the Defense NPCs in Eat Nazarick.

Demiurge is Ainz's intelligent subordinate and loyal to the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Everything Demiurge had done was a move to magnify Ainz and the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

Ainz's strong and intelligent subordinate

Demiurge could understand Ainz's intentions just by listening or watching Ainz's behavior. Even Demiurge could devise strategies that Ainz himself could not think of.

Demiurge has a very bad power. We can see that from season 2 which made Demiurge as Jaldabaoth. Then Demiurge also has very strong subordinates and his research Lab is still a mystery.

Jaldabaoth The Strongest Demon Emperor

Demiurge and his demon army attacked the Re-Estize kingdom. The attack was meant to turn Momonga (Ainz) into a hero. Then Demuirge also has a goal to rule the kingdom's underworld.

Demiurge disguised himself as the Demon Emperor named Jaldabaoth. This disguise had many advantages for Nazarick's tomb as well as Ainz. With his intelligence Demiurge managed to retrieve rare items and rule the underworld.

Demiurge Change

Skill This skill was only seen in season 1 when Demiurge added wings to fly. Then his hand which became a sharp weapon as well as changes in his half demon body which became like a frog.

Demiurge's transformation skills may still be many and are still a mystery. Because in seasons 1 to 3 the demiurge only displays his intelligence and strength as the demon Jaldabaoth.

Having a Sincere Yet Cruel Heart

Among Ainz's Subordinates in the Great Tomb of Nazarick Demiurge was a sincere and friendly subordinate to his co-workers in the Tomb of Nazarick. It is evident from Seasons 1 to 3 which displays Demiurge's hospitality towards Cocytus. At that time Cocytus asked low level subordinates to fight and Demiurge immediately helped him.

Then Demiurge also always gives encouragement and encouragement so that all guards become strong and develop. Demiurge had never cornered his comrades in Nazarick. So Demiurge was very sincere and kind to the inhabitants of the tomb of Nazarick.

Demiurge's sincerity did not apply to the enemies of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Demiurge preferred to enjoy the chaos he created like the war in the Re-Estize Kingdom. And he also had an Experimental Lab that made both humans and Ainz's enemies his Objects.

Demiurge would give despair to the great tomb enemy of Nazarick. For example, if a prisoner escapes, the demiurge will let him run and catch him again at the end of the escape. That way the prisoners will despair with their lives.

excellent Analytical Skills was

able to translate every plan I could think of. Every word of Ainz was always well remembered and then analyzed into a strategy for Nazarick's tomb.

Demiurge had always understood what Ainz wanted for Nazarick's sake. In fact, he also always saves the existing resources in conducting his research.


this Skill Subduing Skill allowed Demiurge to suppress his enemies. This skill is shown against the Lizard Man Nation and the Empire. Demiurge was able to subdue his enemy with just his “Speech”.


DemiurgeOne of his works is the Skull Chair which he made from the skulls of humans and other creatures.

Demiurge usually makes art with the main ingredients from the results of his experiments.

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