Revealed! How did Nagato get the Rinnegan in Naruto?

Revealed! How did Nagato get the Rinnegan in Naruto?

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From the start, Naruto's storyline was always beset with unsolved mysteries and plot holes, and although some were answered, the rest were ignored, albeit important.

One perplexing mystery revolves around how Nagato obtained the Rinnegan, even though he was not a member of the Uchiha clan or anyone related to it.

Even the legendary Sannin Jiraiya didn't manage to figure out how Nagato got the Rinnegan when the former met the latter during the Second Great Ninja War. Jiraiya only thought of Nagato as the son of prophecy and the reincarnation of the Sage of the Six Paths, but he never knew that the Rinnegan did not belong to the latter in the first place.

how Nagato got the Rinnegan in Naruto

Naruto: Shippuden which combines 720 episodes, even die-hard fans of the series have overlooked some of the most important details that serve as answers to unsolved mysteries. After the second World Raid Arc, Konan hid Nagato and Yahiko's bodies and became the de facto leader of Amegakure.

Subsequently, Konan also left Akatsuki, leaving Nagato and Yahiko's long-sought dream of peace in the hands of Naruto Uzumaki. However, Tobi confronts Konan in Amegakure, asking for Nagato's body, which Konan denies. Much to Tobi's surprise, Konan knew about the evil intentions from the very beginning.

Like many people, Konan is also a secret; However, Tobi reveals the true truth stating how he encouraged Yahiko to enter Akatsuki and how he gave the Rinnegan to Nagato in the first place. Tobi further told Konan that what he asked for was his right, but that was just a lie. The only person who has the right to belong to the Rinnegan is Madara Uchiha.

Madara had always been curious about the Rinnegan and its powers, which would play an important role in initiating the Eye of the Moon Plan written down in the Uchiha clan. Somehow, Madara managed to discover the truth about his Sharingan and how the Sage of Six Paths split its power into his two sons, Indra and Ashura.


To awaken his Rinnegan, all Madara needed was Hashirama's Cell. Even after gaining his powers, it took Madara decades to awaken the Rinnegan, but his old and frail body was in no condition to carry out his will. Eventually, he came to a conclusion and decided to lend his eyes to an orphan in Amegakure, who turned out to be Nagato Uzumaki.

Madara chose Nagato to be the heir to the Rinnegan because of the greatness of the latter. Madara also left his final will so that one day when Nagato awakens the true potential of the Rinnegan, he will be able to use the Outer Path technique - Samsara of Heavenly Life to revive the former from the dead.

Madara knew he would die eventually due to his age and condition, so he entrusted his grand plans and wishes to Obito Uchiha to make sure everything went according to his plan.

Obito not only carried out Madara's will but also deceived everyone by pretending to be the last one. Nagato, Konan, Itachi, and Kisame thought of Tobi as Madara from the start, and the only people who knew about Tobi's true identity were Obito, Black Zetsu and White Zetsu.



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