Sasuke Retsuden Announced for Publication in October 2022

Sasuke Retsuden Announced for Publication in October 2022

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Sasuke Retsuden Announced for Publication in October 2022


Sasuke Retsuden Announced for Publication in October 2022

One of the most popular Naruto novels, entitled Sasuke Retsuden has been causing quite a bit of hype among the public for months.


The excitement is due to the announcement of the manga adaptation, which will be released in time for Naruto's 20th anniversary.

The hype is sure to return, as the release date of the manga adaptation for this beloved light novel has been confirmed.

The manga series that tells the adventures found in the novels will begin publishing on October 23, 2022, on Shueisha's Shonen Jump+ app.

For more details, let's see his review of Sasuke Retsuden

Sasuke Retsuden tells the adventures of the newlyweds Sasuke and Sakura

. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Naruto franchise, the workers behind this series prepared many surprises for fans.

One of the surprises was the official announcement of the Sasuke Retsuden manga adaptation release date, which will last less than a month.

The new manga sequel Naruto Shippuden will be handled by upcoming artist Shingo Kimura.

He is known for his work in the one-shot manga Japonica, which was published in Shonen Jump magazine a few months ago.

His art style is very similar to Kishimoto's which has relieved many fans who were disappointed by the news that the original creator did not return for the project.

How is the story of Sasuke Retsuden?

After the Fourth Great Ninja War ended, the Shinobi World enjoyed a long period of peace. During this period of calm, Naruto suffers from an illness that prevents him from accessing his Chakra.

To help his friends and prevent Konoha from being attacked, Sasuke will embark on a mission to research what could be the cause of Naruto's condition.

However, he will not be alone, as Kakashi and Sakura will join him on this adventure.

The journey will be filled with countless and unexpected dangers, which will test their bond, as well as Sakura and Sasuke's recent marital status.

Naruto's 20th anniversary is an event that has been causing hype among the public for months.

Even though it's over, this ninja manga series is still one of the most loved and successful franchises of all time.

With so many fans around the world, Shueisha needed to make something equally special for the celebration.

The launch of Sasuke Retsuden is exactly what fans have been expecting from the long-awaited event.

The manga promises to encapsulate everything fans loved from the original Naruto series.

Unfortunately, we'll have to wait a few weeks before we can read the new adaptation.


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