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Synopsis Blue Lock, the Latest Football Sports Anime

11 Oct 2022 0 Comments

 Synopsis Blue Lock, the Latest Football Sports Anime

Synopsis Blue Lock, the Latest Football Sports Anime

 Synopsis Blue Lock, Anime with the latest soccer sports theme released in the Fall 2022 season. This anime has a very exciting storyline with a slightly different understanding of soccer from soccer anime in general, Anime Blue Lock has a rating of 8.46 MAL version at the beginning of episode 1.

This anime has a very exciting storyline, the football match is packaged to be very interesting with the application of a concept that is different from the existing tradition. All players are fighting for victory and all of that is the main goal, but not all teams can win in every match.

Blue Lock Synopsis Blue Lock

anime synopsis: Anime with the latest soccer theme that features the best storyline and has a different story from soccer anime in general. A striker must have a selfish attitude and score as many goals as he can.

In the world of football, scoring goals is one of the most important things. A team has to score a lot of goals to win the game, Score more goals than the opponent.

In the Blue Lock storyline, a forward player must have better abilities than the other players. Being selfish to score goals, In Blue Lock training everything will be clearly seen.

To get into the National team, All players in the striker position will be trained very strictly and in special training at Blue Lock. All the talented players are invited to then be trained in the Blue Lock area to become a selfish striker.

A striker must score a lot of goals to bring the team to victory path, all that has been proven by world-class players.

Blue Lock provides the perfect facility to train Strikers to become very selfish forwards and score goals.

However, will all players accept the concept and ideology of such a game?. All of that will be answered in the anime Blue Lock.


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