The Reason Obito Can't Capture Naruto and Explanation About Biju

The Reason Obito Can't Capture Naruto and Explanation About Biju

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The Reason Obito Can't Capture Naruto and Explanation About Biju

The Reason Obito Can't Capture Naruto and Explanation About Biju

The reason Obito can't catch Naruto is constrained by several factors that make it difficult to catch the jinchuriki.

In the case of the capture of the bijuu by Akatsuki members, it has become a favorite in various countries or villages.

In the Shinobi world, especially those who have Jinchuriki and most of the Jinchuriki are considered monsters, even residents don't want their existence to suffer from loneliness and are now being targeted by Akatsuki members.

His suffering is complete but there is one Jinchuriki who wants to change his destiny, that is Naruto.

We will discuss the capture of the bijuu, of course, in detail our delivery Meris, listen carefully to what is told by the anime that the beast that was first caught was Gobi Jinchuriki Han from Iwagakure.

The story of his arrest is not explained. It is possible that the task given by the Akatsuki leader to capture the Jinchuriki of Iwa Village is Itachi and Kisame because from Kisame's Iwa Village Jutsu user type, Kisame's Jutsu is more effective plus Itachi so the task given will be easier.

If there is a special Itachi in the capture of Bijuu for what, because Itachi has a Sharinggan followed by other Jinchuriki such as Gaara Yugito and the others each have their own story.

Except for the story of capturing the biju password, this one probably doesn't have a container alias not Yagura but Bijuu in its form.

From a reliable source that Yagura transformed into a Bijuu, it can be said that his body and soul were completely taken over by Sambi, because of what factors we have not found the answer.

In our opinion, the context can be related to the instability of Cakra, so that Yagura cannot control or curb Sanbi's will. In conclusion, Yagura was swallowed by the power of the password, and the task given to capture Sanbi was Tobi and Deidara, but when they arrived there was an unexpected incident that the Konoha Ninja and Orochimaru's men were fighting for the password, so to avoid clashes, Tobi took steps to remain silent and wait for time.for

both Konaha and Orochimaru failed now luck for Akatsuki members as a result Sandy was caught then Yugito in the anime there is a SIM between Hidan and Kakuzu chasing Yugito, obviously not because of Yugito.

Now let's just briefly say that seven tailed beasts have been captured. Only two Bijuu are left. Then when the eighth tailed beast was captured, it was not Akatsuki's team that did it, Sasuke's team, which could be called Taka's team.

This incident, after all the Peng was defeated, opened and lost to Sasuke, but he took advantage of the moment to escape by cutting off one tentacle by Sasuke, then copying his body into the tentacle. You could say this is also part of the special ability of the Jinchuriki Hachibi.

Obito said that the Jinchuriki hachibi was perfect and for a moment the sealing of the hachibi into the gedo statue, it was discovered that only the tentacles were supported by Obito's statement at the 5 Kage meeting.

That the hachibi had not been caught before that Obito came straight to Naruto. Now this is the question, the reason Obito can't catch Naruto, even though it's easier what he imagines.

The reason Obito couldn't catch Naruto

we will detail Obito's intention of letting Naruto go first for the design of the first goal.

when there was a complaint from the white Zetsu that the sealing period was longer, because there were only five members then when the hachibi tentacles were sealed there was a complaint from Kisame he said that only two Jinchuriki were left whether to hurry Arrested or not and Obito's answer was to postpone Mugen's plan tsukoyomi.

The reason for that was because Obito first looked for someone who was connected to the gedo statue which was none other than the reincarnation.

Because of that, partially all the tailed beasts were collected, Obito couldn't possibly activate Mugen tsukoyomi because he wasn't Indra's reincarnation.

basically Obito can't use the Rinnegan's two eyes, therefore Obito insists on instigating Sasuke to obey his will so the Moon Eyes plan will close saying Sasuke continues to harbor hatred towards the Village, then hands Naruto over to Sasuke to be defeated.

Then the results will be seen then Obito will launch a special follow-up plan for Sasuke to train Sasuke using the gedo statue, but in the anime Obito's plan seems to be messed up by Kabuto who shows the body of Edo Tensei Madara that Obito did is very precise, namely taking Nagato's Rinnegan eyes.

Then at first Naruto's arrest was allowed by Sasuke, now because of Madara's body.

According to Obito, Sasuke is not needed what Obito has to do is complete the capture of the Bijuu now, he himself is looking for the rest of the tailed beasts to return to Obito's plan which at first Naruto was only Sasuke's object, Now he must get it with his own hands.



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