Power of Rhya (Raia) “Black Clover”, Copy Paster of Magic

Power of Rhya (Raia) “Black Clover”, Copy Paster of Magic

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Power of Rhya (Raia) “Black Clover”, Copy Paster of Magic

Power of Rhya (Raia) “Black Clover”, Copy Paster of Magic

Rhya is one of the elves who are part of the Eye of the Midnight Sun's Third Eye group. Rhya's power is to copy all types of magic that exist and even Asta's anti-magic sword is also copied.

Rhya is also part of the ten higher-ups of Sephirah who later reincarnate into a human and join the Eye of the Midnight Sun's Third Eye. Like other elves he has a tattoo on his face.

Rhya is an elf who looks calm in any situation and tends to be more lazy to do things. But in the Battle to protect his friends he is always passionate and fast in the fight. With his Copy magic ability he is able to use powerful magic possessed by others such as Yami and Patri's magic.

With the development of the Age from the time of the elves to the present (the time of reincarnation of the elves). The world has experienced many developments from all aspects, including technology in human civilization today. Rhya used his copy magic to copy all the power the enemy had including Sword formation magic. So he is able to create machines/weapons by copying the power of his grimoire owner.

Power of Rhya Black Clover

Rhya has the power to copy and retain all kinds of magic belonging to others. Rhya's grimoire is a 3-leaf clover grimoire that contains other magic copying magic. By using this magic he is able to copy all kinds of magic including Patri and Yami's high level magic.

Imitation Magic

By using this magic he is able to copy all kinds of magic by touching the target Grimoire to be copied. So before he copied someone else's magic he had to touch his grimoire first. And it has been shown in the anime black clover when in the underwater castle.

There were already some high-level magic that he copied like darkness magic and light magic. But he couldn't be sure of the Anti-magic Power and just copied his sword.

Some Imitation (Copy Paste) magic that has been used:

  • Spatial Magic
    This magic is used to move rooms (doors anywhere). or this magic is magic that is used without a grimmoire and only uses a special spell.
  • Light Magic
    This magic allows Rhya to manipulate Light or create it. This magic is similar to the magic used by Patri.
  • Healing Ray of Light Light
    magic used to heal wounds. Patri once used this magic by using his light magic.
  • Dark Cloaked Black Blade
    This magic is the same as Yami's magic, By using this magic the user can coat the sword or make a sword with the main ingredient of darkness. So the sword is in the form of darkness and has a wide attack area.
  • Dark Cloaked Avidya Slash
    Still the same move as Yami's, he coats his sword with the element of darkness which is then blown away and launched towards the opponent's target.
  • Aqua Curtain
    This magic is used for defense, with this magic he is also able to extinguish the fire that covers the area of ​​his body.
  • Light Sword of Judgment
    This magic is used to attack enemies using sharp shards of light. The shards of light are launched into a large area so that they are able to hit and bombard enemy troops.
  • Invisible Scout
    This magic is able to make Rhya invisible. But even though his form is not visible, the KI he has can still be felt.
  • Aqua Javelin
    Creates a large spear with great water power. This spear is equipped with a stream of water that surrounds the weapon.
  • This WaterBalls Spell
  • Tainted Culvert Wyrm
    Magic will form a large dragon made of water magic. Then this dragon is launched towards the enemy target.
  • Salamander's Breath
    Uses Salamander's Fire Dragon Magic to succumb to enemies with strong power and scorching flames.
  • Lightning Magic
    This magic allows the user to control Lightning and Electricity at will.
  • Wind Magic
    This magic is wind based, So he is able to make attacks using the same wind based magic as Yuno's.
  • Sticky Salamander
    Rhya can make salamanders with the main ingredient of Jelly magic, he is also able to control and change the size of this salamander which makes him like the original owner of this magic.
  • Jotunn's Ice Floe
    This magic forms huge chunks of Ice and is then used to attack enemies at the bottom.
  • Earth Magic
    Rhya forms an Object using Earth and then launches it at the enemy.
  • Water Blade Spell
  • Water Stream Spell
  • Posion Magic
  • Demon Slayer Sword
    This is the use of Asta's Sword. a large black sword that is often used by asta or the sword of the cloverleaf Grimoire 5.
  • Heaven Splitting Flash

Seal Magic

Not only Copy magic that can be used by Rhya. However he is also able to use sealing magic which is able to seal the enemy's Magic. So the enemy target will be sealed along with its magic power.

Transformation Magic

By using this magic he is able to take the form of another human. So he was able to use another human form even though at first he was not able to use 2 magic at a time but with perfect reincarnation he was able to use it.


Magic This magic is used to create stronger magic by combining several magic spells so that a stronger type of magic spell is born.

Speed ​​And Endurance

In addition to having very strong magic power, Rhya also has extraordinary speed and endurance. Then he can also use his magic to strengthen and speed up his body. But don't be surprised because the elves do have an extraordinary amount of mana. So they can use very powerful magic too.

Magic Power

Many theories state that Rhya's magic is greater than Patolli's magic. Maybe it is seen from his background which is part of the "10 Prophets of Sephirah". Then he is also able to copy all kinds of magic which makes him stronger.

Then as an Elf he also has a lot of mana and even many say that the elves are "loved by mana". That sentence is possible because the elves do have a lot of mana that they can use.

The Power To Detect Lies

He can detect lies from everyone. Maybe with a background that often lies so he is able to know every person's honesty. it was shown when a demon possessed Ronne, then when the demon spoke he knew that the demon was lying.



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