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Who Killed Minato Namikaze in Naruto Anime?

by Staff Okuen 16 Jan 2023 0 Comments

Who Killed Minato Namikaze in Naruto Anime?


Who Killed Minato Namikaze in Naruto Anime?

Some people may already know who killed Minato Namikaze in the Naruto film.

Minato Namikaze, known as the 4th Hokage of the village of Konoha in the manga and anime series Naruto, was killed by Obito Uchiha.

Obito, who was originally a good friend of Kakashi Hatake, was influenced by Madara Uchiha and became the main enemy of the village of Konoha.

He killed Minato in a battle involving Kurama, a monster known as a Bijuu.

Obito uses his powers to control Kurama and sends the monster to the village of Konoha, where Minato sacrifices himself to seal Kurama and save the village.

Who killed Minato Namikaze? Obito Behind The Murder

At that time, Minato took out a powerful seal called the kyuubi seal which was used to seal Kurama into his own body.

However, Obito took this opportunity to attack Minato and killed him in the process.

Even though Minato died, his actions resulted in Kurama being sealed and the village saved from Kurama's attacks. However, this action also made Obito the main enemy of the village and led to the major war that occurred in the series.

Minato is recognized as one of the strongest Hokage in the history of the village of Konoha and is respected by many characters in the series. He is also the father of Naruto Uzumaki, the main protagonist of the series, who struggles to follow in his father's footsteps and become Hokage.

Minato is also known as "Konoha's Yellow Flash" because of his incredible speed in battle.

He is known as one of the strongest ninja in the series, with an extraordinary ability to use the Teleportation Technique (Hiraishin no Jutsu) which allows him to teleport anywhere in a short amount of time.

Even though Minato doesn't physically appear in the Naruto series, he is always remembered by the characters in it, including his own son, Naruto, who always tries to perfect himself to be like his father.

Minato is also regarded as one of the greatest Hokage in Konoha's history, and is recognized as a good leader and loved by the people of the village.

Not only that, Minato is also recognized as one of the most intelligent and innovative ninja in this series.

He created several techniques that became the basis for the ninja in the village of Konoha, such as the teleportation technique and the tailed beast control technique used by Naruto.

Minato Namikaze is also a kind and caring father to his son, Naruto. Although he doesn't appear much in the series, he is always remembered and respected by the other characters in the series.