10+ Powers of Magna Swing "Black Clover", A Farmer Using Fire Magic

10+ Powers of Magna Swing "Black Clover", A Farmer Using Fire Magic

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10+ Powers of Magna Swing "Black Clover", A Farmer Using Fire Magic

Magna Swing is a farmer who becomes the magic Knight of the Clover kingdom and joins the Black Bull squad. The power of Magna Swing is a fire-based magic that he usually uses with a Basball bat.

Magna has a flying broom decorated with a skull and spine. The flying broom looks like a modern vehicle and takes the form of a typical delinquent motorcycle. Maybe that is also the hallmark of Magna Swing who often looks like a delinquent.

Magna Swing's appearance looks like Brandal. But in reality he is very kind and outspoken. Perhaps his appearance and demeanor refer to his “Freedom” side. This can be seen because Magna always acts as he pleases like a human who is full of freedom.

Magna Swing Facts Magna

Swinghas a strong character and always invites his colleagues to practice sparring. Sometimes he is also a little mean to the people he meets, but Magna will respect someone he recognizes like Yami or Asta.

Magna Has a very high fidelity. He dedicates this "loyalty" to Black Bull and his teammates in the squad. He is the type of person who explodes easily (probably following the nature of his Fire magic) hhe. When he gets emotional or sees his partner on the verge of death, Magna will act directly to help him. This can be seen when Finral is brutally beaten by his younger brother.

Magna Swing Power Magna

Swing uses a 3 leaf clover Grimoire with Fire magic in it. He often uses his Fire Magic using a Baseball Stick.


Magic uses this Fire Magic to create and manipulate Fire. Usually he makes a Fireball which is then launched using his Baseball bat towards the enemy.

Fire Magic Magna Swing Shown:

  • Exploding Fireball
    Magna throws a large fireball in his palms and then launches it towards the enemy. After the fireball hits the enemy, the fireball will explode. While Magna can re-launch fireballs continuously.
  • Exploding Buckshot
    Magna creates multiple fireballs at once, which are then launched at the enemy simultaneously. When the fireball hits the target it will explode to clear the area.
  • Poison Kill Buckshot
    Magna launches multiple fireballs in succession and explodes upon hitting the target. This fire magic can be used to extend other Magic.
  • Explosive Reheating
    Using his finger he is able to burn the target.
  • Extreme Killing Vanishing Fireball
    Magna created a small dense fireball, Then it launched it towards the target. This fireball will disappear before hitting the target, This fireball reappears after hitting the target and explodes with a large area of ​​damage.
  • Explosive Vanishing Scattershot
    Magna launches a killer fireball at the enemy which will explode when the fireball hits the target.
  • Timed Explosion Scattershot
    A series of fireballs that are launched will explode according to the specified time.
  • Maximum Exploding Fireball
    Magna creates a very large fireball and then launches it at the enemy. The fireball deals enormous damage over a large area.


Magic This Magic is used to restrain the enemy with a chain of Fire. Magna can capture or hold an enemy after he defeats the enemy. This containment magic is made of fire, but will disappear if splashed by Water magic.

Creation Magic

creates objects with the main ingredient of Fire magic. Usually he uses this magic to modify his motorbike (flying broom) with fire that can propel him like a motorbike with a Racing exhaust.

Reinforcement Magic

could also use Strengthening Magic Like Mana Skin which enveloped his body with mana. Then he can also apply it to other areas of the body such as the legs to run fast.

Combined Magic

can also use Combined Magic with other magic. This was once shown when he combined Fire Magic with Lightning Magic.

Very Great Stamina and Reflexes

Magna can increase his Stamina and Reflexes. That way his fighting ability will also increase.

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