15 Members of the Black Bull "Black Clover"

15 Members of the Black Bull "Black Clover"

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15 Members of the Black Bull "Black Clover"


Members of the Black Bull Squad in the Black Clover anime until now there are only 15 magic knights that have been introduced. The Black Bull Squad is a Troubled Squad that has its headquarters in a forest area far from the kingdom. However, even though their members are "outcast" magic knights, in reality this Black Bull Squad has very strong members and even exceeds other Magic Knight Squads.

Black Bull is a Magic Knight Squad that has above average strength. Even though all of its members are “Outcasts” but in reality they are all Magic Knights who are able to fight with all their heart to protect the Clover kingdom. Many members of the Black Bull Squad have extraordinary fighting abilities, such as Asta. In a world where everyone has magic power, however asta has no magic at all and instead he has the power of "Anti Magic".

Members of the Black Bull Squad (Black Bull – Black Clover)

Until then, the members of the Black Bull Squad that have been introduced amounted to 15 Knights including Yami as the commander of the troops.

Black Bull Squad Member in Black Clover Anime :

Yami Sukehiro

Yami Sukehiro isCommanderthe Magic KnightAs a Commander, Yami is always rude to all his members. But he really cares and keeps forcing his partner to "get out of his way". That way all members of Black Bull can develop quickly and can even get the best Squad award in the Clover kingdom.

Actually Yami is not a magic knight born in the Clover kingdom. But he is someone who comes from the Hino country (still a mystery) who is stranded in the Clover kingdom.

Yami is a Dark Sword wielder. The slash from his sword was capable of slashing Dimensions and even Devils he could slash with ease. His power is indeed based on Dark magic and combined with the power of KI and his skill in using the Sword.

Nacht Faust

Nacht Faust isthe Deputy Commander of theBlack Bull Squad. Nacht is a newly introduced member of the magic knight Black Bull. From the beginning of the Episode there is no story at all about this nacht character. So when it first appeared and was introduced, many fans were surprised (including me). This Nacht is very Overpowered, he has many devils that he can control.

Nacht is tasked with being a spy in the kingdom of Spade. So he was introduced to the Spade Kingdom Arc. His appearance becomes very shocking because he has many demons that he can control. He can even bring up the figure of a small monster on his shoulder.

Later, Nacht will teach Asta so that he can control his devil (contract). That way the Black Bull troops will be ready to beat the 3 brothers of the Spade kingdom and their demons.

Charmy Pappitson

Charmy is a half-dwarf who is part of the Black Bull squad. He has the power to restore Magic Energy through the food he cooks. Due to his ability to recover magical energy, he is rarely seen fighting head-to-head. He prefers to prepare food to help restore the strength of his comrades.

Even so, he is still a very strong fighter and even his cotton magic can be used to attack and restrain enemies very strongly.

Gauche Adlai

Gauche is a magic knight who uses mirror magic who joins the Black Bull Squad. He has a younger sister whom he loves very much. Even his affection makes him look cruel to anyone who dares to hurt his brother.

His power is Mirror Magic which allows him to make copies of himself with the exact same power. Then he can also reflect enemy attacks that lead to him.

He also has Special Eyes which he uses to amplify his mirror magic. This particular eye is shaped like a mirror diamond which he always covers with his hair.

Zora Ideale

Zora is a magic knight who has the power of "Trap". Zora has Ash Magic based powers which he usually uses to create a magic Splash. This magic trap is unknown to the Elves, And there is a possibility that Zora is the knight who created this magic.

The power of Traps is so rare that even the Elves don't know about it. This makes Zora included in the squad of magic knights who are trusted to defeat demons and Elf troops. Even so he has no respect and lives freely regardless of what other people say.

Finral Roulacase

Finral is one of the nobles who joins the Clover Squad's magic Knights. Finral has the Space ability which allows him to move places instantly and quickly. Then with this power he can move his partner to the area he wants, including when in battle.

Finral is usually used as a means of transportation by Yami, but in reality Finral is able to do much greater things than that. He could be a fighting partner for the magic knight commanders. This was shown when he fought the Elves and was able to keep up with the rhythm of Yami and Jack's fight.

Gordon Agrippa

Gordon Agrippa is a curse magic user who joins the black bull squad. Gordon has poison magic which he combines so that it becomes a very deadly curse magic and even the plants affected by the curse will dry up and die.

Gordon has great sensitivity and concern for all his colleagues at Black Bull. However, because the voice he made when he spoke was very low, his colleagues didn't understand what Gordon was saying.


Asta is the only magic knight who does not have magic energy in the clover kingdom. Then he joined the Black Bull Squad which was immediately tested by Yami Sukehiro. Asta has a 5-leaf Grimoire, in it lies the Devil Liebe who has the power of Anti-Magic.

With Liebe's Anti Magic power, Asta can use it through his Anti Magic Sword. The Anti-Magic Sword comes from his Grimoire, then combined with Liebe's physical strength and anti-magic power. So basically Asta only has very Strong Physical strength and the rest is the power of his Grimoire and Demons.

Asta's abilities are growing from time to time. This is shown by the shape of the muscles and the combat mode of the demon. Then he will also be trained by Nacht to be able to fully control Liebe's power. wow... it's going to be more OP right???

Noelle Silva

Noelle is one of the nobles who joins the black bull magic knight squad. Noelle comes from the Silva family, she has a very great family and even her sister is one of the commanders of the magic knights of the Clover kingdom.

Noelle's power is water magic, at first she couldn't control her immense water power. But after joining Black Bull, his strength can be controlled better. Even now he can use battle armor like his mother's.

Vanessa Enoteca

Vanessa is a Witch who comes from Witch Hutam. He has the power to change destiny, the power of destiny he got when he fought against his mother, the Witch Queen. The power to change his destiny is symbolized by the little cat who always follows him.

When that power, then he can change the destiny of someone he loves including all members of the black bull. So when one of his colleagues dies, then he can change that fate into something better and profitable for him.


Gray is a very shy woman. With his shy attitude, he always uses a substitute body, namely a big fat man who he always uses for his daily life. But after being with his colleagues at Black Bull, he began to dare to use his beautiful and cute real body.

Gray has the power of transformation that allows him to change the shape of a body or object into what he wants. Gray is one of the great wizards, it's because the power of change can be used to change objects other than himself.

Magna Swing

Magna has the power of Fire which he usually uses to make Fireballs. Then he also has a magic broom that is shaped like a motorbike and is equipped with the typical accessories of a street thug. He has a very tough nature and likes the battlefield.

Usually he always challenges separing to new members who enter the black bull squad, including Asta. Until now, his strength has not been fully revealed, but it seems that he still has a power that he is still hiding.

Luck Voltia

Luck is a magic knight who has the power of Lightning. Luck is very strong and even he is able to use his power well. Then he also has a very high fighting desire so he is always looking for a very strong opponent to fulfill his fighting desire.

His tracking power is very great, he is able to search for enemies with accurate detailed information that he can get from a great distance. In this case his strength was recognized by the commanders of the Clover kingdom's magic knights.

Henry Legolant

Henry is a member of the black bull squad who has a strange disease. He can absorb all the magic energy from people who are close to him. Then he can turn the Black Bull headquarters into a very large Bull Robot and can be used as a combat tool.

Henry belongs to the newly introduced black bull squad, it is because of his constant presence in his room. but after the Black Bull Squad was attacked, he also ventured to fight and save his comrades.

Secre Swallowtail

Secre is the oldest member of the Black Bull Squad. Secre has lived since the first emperor of the Clover kingdom. He has the power to open all the locks in this world and then he can also seal a person. He used Sealing magic to seal the First Magic Emperor into a Statue.

Secre Joins the Black Bull Squad after the battle with the elves. Secre can change her form into an anti-magic bird.

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