2 Gray's Strength "Black Clover", Shy Beauty

2 Gray's Strength "Black Clover", Shy Beauty

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2 Gray's Strength "Black Clover", Shy Beauty


Gray is one of the Black Bull Magic Knight Squad. Gray's power is Transformation Magic which allows him to change his body shape or change the shape of any object he wants.

From the beginning of the Black Clover story, Gray uses a big and fat body that makes him respected but Gray is still kind. With this body, Gray doesn't move or talk much because basically Gray is someone who is very shy.

There are many unsolved mysteries about this character named Grey. Even the origin and name is also not known for sure. Because until now he only uses the name "Grey" and there is a possibility that he has a big secret in the Black Clover story.

The fact that the Gray

character with the name "Grey" still holds many mysteries, because the real name of "Grey" is also not yet known. As we know that Gray from the beginning of the story does not talk much and even he just avoids.

When using her real body (the body of a cute beautiful woman), she is very shy and even blushes easily by ordinary things. That way he prefers to use other people's bodies like the bodies of (High and Large Humans).

Gray is someone who is friendly and kind. He can work well together and then he is also able to understand the skills of his teammates.

Gray is a very kind person. Although he is often ridiculed and then abused by his mother and stepbrother, he still tries and hopes to have a good relationship with them.

Strength Gray

has a 3 cloverleaf Grimoire which contains the power of Transformation/Change Based Magic. By using this Magic he is able to change shape or change objects as he wants.

With this Change Magic, Grek often uses a big and fat body which he often uses to interact at the beginning of the black clover story.


Magic Gray's Transformation Magic wasn't like the normal Transformation Magic. Because Gray can change his form into a human or another form. Then he can also change objects other than himself into other forms. So he's like a real Magician.

He can change other objects such as stones or other people's magic into the shape he wants. This power was already shown during the battle in the Cave. For example, theMagic Convertused by Gray is able to change the enemy's type of magic into the magic he wants.

When the enemy casts a certain type of magic, then Gray can change it into the form of magic he wants. This magic has already been shown against the Matajari Midnight Army.

In addition, Gray can also disassemble materials that are Non-Magic. With this power he is able to disassemble a Material that has a Non-Magic Substance.

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