13 The Power of Luck Voltia "Black Clover", the Lightning Man Who Loves Fighting

13 The Power of Luck Voltia "Black Clover", the Lightning Man Who Loves Fighting

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13 The Power of Luck Voltia "Black Clover", the Lightning Man Who Loves Fighting

Luck Voltia is a magic knight of the clover kingdom who joins the Black Bull squad. Luck Voltia's strength is Lightning Magic which he usually uses to move places and attack enemies with a very large area of ​​damage.

Luck is a sociopath or has a habit of living and fighting alone. He can't express his face so that no matter what the situation is, Luck always looks happy. It also made Mrs. Luck confused with the attitude she always showed.

His thirst for battle makes him always persuade and force all his comrades to fight. Then the meaning of victory for Luck is something that "Absolute" must be obtained. But after joining the Black Bull Squad, he was able to trust and was willing to fight as a team to get victory.

Luck Facts Voltia

Luck is someone who really loves fighting. So he always uses his Sensor to look for a very strong opponent. But the fact is he is afraid of Zenon who is a magic knight of the Spade Kingdom.

Zenon manages to defeat the Brilliant General as well as the magic knights of the Diamond Kingdom. Well, from there Luck first felt scared and said that he didn't want to fight him.


Luck Voltia has a 3 cloverleaf Grimoire filled with various Lightning-based magics. Luck can create and manipulate lightning that is centered on his hands. Here are the details of the Power of Luck that have been shown.


Magic This Lightning Magic was used by concentrating lightning magic power in both of his hands. Here is Luck's Lightning magic technique:

  • Thunderclap Crumbling Orb
    This magic is like Lightning Balls that are launched at the enemy. The damage dealt is very large and can be launched continuously.
  • Thunder Fiend
    Magic was used to strengthen and speed up both hands and feet. So he is able to move quickly and provide fast and accurate attacks.

True Lightning

Magic This magic is obtained from the Heart Kingdom, By using his Lightning Magic Luck is able to create real Lightning. This type of magic was once used under the name Keraunos.

Keraunos is a magic technique capable of creating true Lightning magic with the help of surrounding mana. Then assisted with gloves and boots Dewa. Now this power turns Luck into lightning which then pushes him towards the enemy quickly and strongly.

His strength and speed will be greatly increased and then he will be able to destroy the enemy's defensive walls.

Creation Magic

As the name suggests, this Magic allows Luck to create an object made of Lightning. This power was once used by luck to make Lightning Boots and Lightning Claws that were able to increase his fighting ability.


Magic This magic is used to strengthen his physique, such as the use of strengthening magic for Mana Skin. Mana Skin is a magic that envelops the User with mana.

Compound Magic (Combined Magic)

Luck can combine his Lightning Magic with others. So that it can strengthen the magic that he uses. There are 2 Compound Magic that he has used, namely:

  • Flame Lightning Explosive Cannon, which is a combination of lightning and fire magic.
  • Thunder Arrow, Compound Magic that combines Lightning magic with Steel magic.

Fist Fighter

Luck is an empty-handed user who is supported by his lightning magic power. Then he also has incredible speed and endurance. This makes Luck categorized as a very great hand-to-hand fighter.

Mana Sensory

Luck has the ability to track magical energy for miles. then this power of his is also able to detect the type of magic power he is tracking. So this Mana Sensory Luck level is at the top level and is recognized by the Magic Knight commanders including Yami.

Immense Magic Power

Well, as previously explained, Luck has enormous power from his magical behavior to his physique. Then he also always fights with very strong opponents.

The Mana

Luck method was able to control his Lightning Magic well. So that he is able to create and increase his strength. Then he can also use Arrays in the air which makes him more free to fight.

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