12 Guardian Lords Rimuru Tempest "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", Executive & Main Protector of Rimuru

12 Guardian Lords Rimuru Tempest "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", Executive & Main Protector of Rimuru

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Guardian Lords Rimuru Tempest or commonly referred to as the 12 Guardians/Executive Rimuru Tempest is Rimuru's Subordinate who has been awarded the title "Lord" and raised to become a True Demon Lord. The Top 12 Executives of Rimuru Tempest possessed extremely terrifying strength and some were even stronger than the Demon Lord Octagram.

Guardian Lords Rimuru Tempest are the Executives and Main Protectors of Rimuru Tempest. So far, many have given theories about Rimuru's 12 guards. But in this article, the author will introduce all the Guardians that he already knows with a brief explanation.

12 Guardian Lords Rimuru Tempest (Patrons Rimuru)

“Flare Lord” Benimaru

Benimaru is the Supreme Commander of Jura Tempest. He becomes Rimuru's Executive and gains immense power. Benimaru becomes the Military Commander in Jura Tempest with extraordinary charisma and strength. He has a special army with Rank A +, all the special members he has are trained very hard.

“Star Lord” Ranga

As we all know, Ranga is Rimuru's personal guard who always hides in Rimuru's shadow. Now Ranga has become part of the Guardian Lord and of course has greater power than before. Ranga's power has a very wide area of ​​damage and can even destroy the Orc Lord's army in the Battle of the Valley of Lizard Man. Ranga's powers are similar to Veldora's, namely Storms of wind and lightning.

“Dragon Lord” Gabiru

Gabiru is Rimuru's very confident subordinate. He always appears with a very arrogant and funny attitude. But behind his silliness, Gabiru has a very high respect for Rimuru and of course has enormous power. When compared to other Lizard-man nations, Gabiru is the strongest in his race. All of that can be seen with Evolution and his position in Jura Tempest.

“Barrier Lord” Geld

Geld is one of the former members of the Orc Lord. After Rimuru defeated the Orc Lord, Geld gave himself up in order to atone for the Sins of the Orc Nation. However Rimuru "Bears" all the Sins of the Orcs and gives "Space" to the Orcs in the Jura Forest. Well after that incident, Geld became Rimuru's Faithful Servant and worked as a Development leader (coolies and manual workers). Currently Geld has a position as one of the 12 Guardians with another name Barrier Lord.

"War Lord" Shion

In the war that took place between Jura Tempest against the Kingdom of Falmuth, Shion died at the hands of the forces of the Kingdom of Falmuth. After the war against the Falmuth Kingdom was over, the dead Shion was brought back to life by Rimuru Tempest. Shion's awakening brings her a New Skill which is Master Cooking (a Skill Rewarded after Rimuru becomes a True Demon Lord). In addition, Shion also has enormous combat power. Now he is serving as Rimuru's Guardian and Secretary.

“Magic Lord” Diablo

Diablo was Rimuru Tempest's strongest subordinate. Noir was Diablo's initial Nickname who was a Primordial Black Demon. Guy Crimson said that the Strongest Primordial Demon is Noir Black because it has Immortality. As we know that Guy Crimson is the strongest character among the True Demon Lords and Primordials. But Guy Himself said that Noir was a very strong Person. Now Diablo is Rimuru's Strongest Subordinate and serves as the Second Secretary. In addition, Diablo also became the leader of the Tempest Jura Special forces with the strongest Strength that he mustered himself.

“Chimeric Lord” Kumara

Kumara is Rimuru Tempest's Subordinate who is very cunning and intelligent. As the Little Fox Spirit who was saved by Rimuru, Kumara asked Rimuru to name all of his tails which gave rise to extraordinary powers. Until now, information about kumara is very limited. However, it was confirmed that Kumara's strength was immense and became one of Rimuru's strongest subordinates.

“Mist Lord” Zegion

Zegion was Rimuru's Subordinate who was very powerful and even made it difficult for Diablo. Zegion was very good at Illusions, Until now no one could beat him in a duel. At first Zegion was an ordinary insect saved by Rimuru. In his Insect form, he continues to train for his master. After some time, Zegion became one of Rimuru's strongest subordinates and was in charge of guarding the Labyrinth alongside the other monsters.

“Gehenna Lord” Adalman

Adalman is an Undead who considers RImuru as his New God. At first Adalman was a subordinate of Ruminas, but after the betrayal by Ruminas he was bound by a very binding Curse. During the battle between Jura Tempest and the Clayman Army, Adalman fought against Shuna. Well there Shuna managed to resuscitate Adalman and then Adalman decided to make Rimuru his new God. Currently Adalman is Rimuru's subordinate in charge of the Jura Labyrinth.

“Killer Lord” Testarossa

Testerossa is one of the 7 Primordial Demons. He joins the forces of Jura Tempest and becomes one of Rimuru's strongest subordinates. Testerossa Recruited directly by Diablo.

“Pain Lord” Ultima

Ultima is one of the 7 Primordial Demons. He was recruited by Diablo and became one of Rimuru's most powerful subordinates.

“Menace Lord” Carrera

Carrera Is One of the 7 Primordial Demons. Like the others, Carrera was also recruited directly by Diablo.


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