7 Facts about Leon Cromwell "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", Platinum Saber & Chloe Aubert's Childhood Friend

7 Facts about Leon Cromwell "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", Platinum Saber & Chloe Aubert's Childhood Friend

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Leon Cromwell is one of the Octagram Demon Kings who has lived for +300 years. In the beginning, he was a Hero with the Nickname of Platinum Saber. However, after becoming the Demon King, his nickname changed to Platinum Devil.

When viewed from his appearance, Leon Cromwell looks very young and "beautiful". But in fact, Leon Cromwell is a man over 300 years old. She has long golden hair, a beautiful face and a very clean, glowing skin. When they first saw Leon Cromwell, most people thought he was a very beautiful young woman. Even Guy Crimson was always teasing her.

Leon Cromwell Facts

Hero From Another World

At first, Leon Cromwell was a Hero from another world. He has the alias Platinum Saber with an extremely Strong Spirit of Light.

Chloe Aubert's Childhood Friends

Leon Cromwell and Chloe have been friends since childhood, In fact their relationship is like siblings. They are both trapped into Dimensional Distortion, Then Chloe is summoned to the future. After the incident, Leon Cromwell decided to look for Chloe. On his way he managed to forge a contract with the Spirit of Light in Ramiris' labyrinth and became a Hero.

Leon Cromwell Aliases Leon

Cromwell has 2 aliases used in different Periods. At first, He used the alias Platinum Saber and became a very powerful Hero. However after taking the Demon Lord Title, his Alias ​​changed to Platinum Devil. Leon Cromwell is the ruler of the Magic City of El Dorado and also a member of the Octagram.

Leon Cromwell Defeats Demon King Kazaream (Kagali)

After 100 years in the New World, it is said that Leon Cromwell proclaimed himself the new Demon Lord. This angered the Demon King Kazaream who then planned to kill Leon. But Leon Cromwell managed to turn things around and defeat the Demon Lord Kazaream.

After Defeating Kazaream, Leon Cromwell took over Kazaream Castle to become his new Headquarters. Well after the defeat of the Demon Lord Kazaream, Leon Cromwell officially became part of the 10 Demon Lords replacing Kazaream's position.

Leon Cromwell's Personality Leon Cromwell

can't express himself properly. This results in the judgment of others against him which is considered cold and cruel. In fact, Leon Cromwell is a good person. But the nature of "One Direction" that he has very influential on his relationships with other people. Leon Cromwell is obsessed with reuniting with his childhood friend, Chloe.

Leon Cromwell Evil???

Many Theorize that Leon Cromwell is a very Evil Character. It all started with the "story" of Shizue Izawa's past who was called by Leon. But In fact, Leon Cromwell didn't mean to summon Shizue. Leon tried to call Chloe, but it was Shizue Izawa who appeared.

Then Leon Cromwell allowed Ifrit to possess Shizue Izawa, with the aim of saving Shizue's life and providing the Container for ifrit. So it was all for Shizue's sake. But because Leon Cromwell has a very cold face, he is considered cruel and very evil.

The Most Important Thing For Leon Cromwell Leon Cromwell

's main goal is to reunite with his childhood friend, Chloe. Leon Cromwell said that “Summoning” and Meeting Chloe was the most important thing in this world.


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