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4 Facts about Eren (Elyune H. Grimwald) “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, the Character Who Suggests Rimuru to Become a Demon King

29 Apr 2022 0 Comments

Eren (Elyune H. Grimwald) is an adventurer who has an important role in Rimuru's transformation into a Demon King. In addition, Eren is a very strong female Magician when fighting in a team.

Judging from his appearance, Eren is an ordinary adventurer with standard combat equipment. His combat equipment was upgraded after his visit to Jura Tempest. Eren and his team have been seen fighting when Ifrit attacks Jura Tempest. His abilities are great in Team fights.

Facts Eren (Elyune H. Grimwald)

A Princess

Eren is the daughter of the Duke of Sorcerer's Dynasty Sarion Elalude who ran away because he wanted freedom. Eren's real name is Elyune H. Grimwald and he is now part of the Cabal's Party.

Eren's Background

As explained earlier, that Eren is actually a princess who ran away because she wanted the freedom of an adventurer. Eren is from the Sarion magic dynasty and he is a noble there. In his adventure, Eren is accompanied by 2 bodyguards, namely Kaval and Gido.

Eren's Role in Demon King Rimuru's Awakening The

's kingdom resulted in many casualties including Shion and several other Tempest citizens. Eren reveals his true identity which is a princess. After that, He suggested Rimuru to do the Harvest Festival Ritual.

Eren tells of a legend that says that there is a way to resurrect someone who has died. The legend is taken from the legend of Milim's resurrection as a Demon King who succeeded in resurrecting her pet dragon. Eren says that if Rimuru becomes the Demon Lord, then Rimuru has the possibility of resurrecting all his dead subordinates.

Well RImuru Becoming a Demon King was a suggestion from Eren who had told the Legend of Milim.

Strengths Eren (Elyune H. Grimwald)

Eren has a very good ability in Magic. He always tries to take care of all his teammates in the Party. Eren's abilities have been shown when fighting Ifrit in Jura Tempest.


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