12 Skill Demon Slime Rimuru Tempest "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", The Second Stage of Rimuru's Evolution

12 Skill Demon Slime Rimuru Tempest "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", The Second Stage of Rimuru's Evolution

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Demon Slime Rimuru Tempest is the second stage of Rimuru's Slime Evolution. He transformed into this form after becoming a True Demon Lord during the Harvest Festival. With this evolution, Rimuru could easily transform his body into a spiritual or material form at will.

Rimuru became the first Slime to evolve to the Demon Slime stage. It made rimuru a "Legend" among the Slimes. Usually Slimes are only in the form of low-level monsters that are very easy to kill. But Rimuru was different, he managed to become a Demon Slime and became a True Demon Lord.

After turning into a Demon Slime, Rimuru's Slime retained its original form. However Slime Rimuru had incredible speed as well as increased mass. Then Rimuru said that in his current form it felt more “Magnificent” and shone like golden rays. In her “Human” appearance Rimuru has smoother skin that fascinates everyone. 

Demon Slime Rimuru Tempest

Skill Demon Slime Rimuru Tempest skill can change material body form to Spiritual body form freely. Then this Demon Slime Skill has its Sub Skills, Here's a Brief Review:

Intrinsic skills

Rimuru has a very fast and unlimited Regeneration Skill. Then this skill is divided into several parts such as Control Magic, Multilayer Barrier and others. With this skill Rimuru can easily repair his Body that has been damaged or detached.

Infinite Regeneration

Rimuru's Infinite Regeneration Skill was able to repair his damaged Spiritual form. This power is an evolution of the previous Skill which has the same ability. By using this skill, Rimuru doesn't have to worry about getting injured in battle.

Control Magic

This magic is still the same as the previous Extra skill, but the effect is increased again.

Multilayer Barrier

Skill is also still the same as the previous Extra Skill, but has changed and is stronger than the previous one.

Universal Detect

Skill contains Sense-Skill abilities and in it there are several skills such as Magic sense and Keen Smell. But at this stage the related skills experience an increase in strength and the effect obtained.

Universal Shapeshift

Same as Extra-Skill but the ability is increased again so that it gives a maximum effect.

Demon Lord's Haki

Skill emits a very terrible Aura and is able to kill enemies instantly. The aura that is emitted is so large and heavy that any creature that feels it will be frightened. Now this skill looks like a collection of magic mana that comes out of certain monsters but has a frightening effect on creatures weaker than the user.

Enhanced Replication

Enhanced Replication is a new version of replication that has been improved again. This skill can be used as a "Media" for the True Dragon incarnation.

Spatial Motion

Same as in Rimuru's Extra Skill, but this ability has been upgraded again.

Darkflame Lightning

Skill is a combination of Dark Fire and Lightning skills, resulting in a Darkflame Lightning Skill that forms black flames and flashes of black lightning. This skill is able to kill and destroy objects instantly.

Universal Thread

Skill is still the same as the previous skill, but the increase in skill is prioritized so that it produces a stronger effect.

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