Facts and 4 Strengths of Gobta “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Rimuru's Strongest Hobgoblin Subordinate Gobta

Facts and 4 Strengths of Gobta “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Rimuru's Strongest Hobgoblin Subordinate Gobta

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's (Gobuta) power is a shadow technique and the body's immunity to all kinds of poisons. Gobta has the ability to adapt to all kinds of attacks and conditions. He also managed to defeat the Lizardman using his shadow technique in one hit.

Gobta is the strongest Hobgoblin and has extraordinary intelligence (even though he looks like an idiot). However, he has a "lazy" nature so that his abilities are difficult to develop. Currently Gobta is a student of Hakurou, that way his laziness can be overcome by the upbringing given by Hakurou.

Gobta Tensura

Gobta is a Hobgoblin who has a free personality, he tends to look "plain" and annoying when compared to all the monsters in the Tempest Jura. However, he had greater potential than all the goblins in the Tempest Jura. This can be seen from his excellent understanding of "fighting" and extraordinary adaptation to every existing condition.

Gobta was locked up in the prison tied up, Even so he was not afraid and instead fell fast asleep. After he wakes up and realizes that he is bound, he immediately learns a shadow technique that can summon wolves. Well Gobta managed to summon the Wolf from his shadow. That way, Gobta was able to overcome all his problems on his own.

Later, Gobta became immune to all kinds of poison after eating the food made by Shion. Well, it's not just reason and instinct to survive that are great. But Gobta's body also has an immune system that can adapt to attacks from within, including deadly poisons.

Gobta tends to display his abilities in battle. It took everyone by surprise including Rimuru Tempest. Well this Hobgoblin has great abilities despite his temperament like a pure idiot.

At first Gobta was the vice chairman of the Goblin Riders, but now he has become the leader. As the leader of the Goblin Riders, Gobta continues to train with Hakurou and practice all his skills. He trains with several other Goblins and is given very tough training by Hakurou.

Strength Gobta

was the first Hobgoblin to successfully use the Shadow Technique. The first shadow technique he mastered was Wolf Summoning through his shadow and using shadow moves. This shadow move is a technique that is able to disappear and reappear from a shadow.

Gobta is a Goblin with the most potential, he is able to walk far and defeat monsters that are stronger than him.

Magic :Icicle Lance

Extra Skill: Union and Shadow Step

Resistance: Poison Resistance

Gobta uses a short sword made by Kurobe. This Magic Sword was given by order of Rimuru and only Gobta was allowed to wield this powerful sword. The sword is called The Coil Cannon Ice Lightning Sword, Gobta managed to get it after defeating Gabiru.

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