5 Rimuru Tempest Predator Skill "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken"

5 Rimuru Tempest Predator Skill "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken"

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Rimuru Tempest Predator Skill is the first skill shown in the anime. This skill is able to swallow everything without any limitations of space and time. Now by using this skill Rimuru can store many objects in his body and then he can also analyze to make copies of them.

Rimuru had many Unique skills that he could use in various situations and conditions. One of them is the Predator Skill that can swallow everything. The Predator skill is often used by Rimuru, especially in an attempt to save or swallow the enemy into his body. This Predator skill can copy the ability of the enemy or the object it swallows.

Rimuru Tempest's

Predator Skill The Predator's Skill is a Unique Skill that only Rimuru Tempest has. This skill can swallow anything and then with the help of analysis from Rafhael, then Rimuru can imitate all objects that are swallowed by him. This Predator skill has 5 effects on each use, here's a brief review:


Swallowing or absorbing enemy targets can be done using the Predator Skill. This allows Rimuru to swallow any Object or Creature he wishes. But if the “Something” he swallowed had “Consciousness” then it would be more difficult to absorb it. This ability is not limited by the magic abilities, materials, skills of the absorbed target.


After the Target is swallowed, Rimuru can analyze the target. If an object is swallowed then he is able to analyze and copy the object on the condition that rimuru must have the necessary Materials. For example like Swords, Rimuru can imitate and produce finished swords using the Materials he has.

then this ability can also imitate the skills of other creatures. For example, Rimuru could imitate an enemy's skill that had been swallowed and use it into his own.


Target that had been swallowed could be safely stored inside Rimuru's body. Whatever Rimuru had swallowed could never leave his body. Within Rimuru's body there is an infinite void, so even if the target tries to get out he will remain in the same place. Well this Storage Space has no time limit.


Skill allows Rimuru to imitate the skills and appearance of the object he swallows. However, it depends on the analysis carried out. If the analysis process is successful then all the skills and appearance of the target can be used by Rimuru. For example, when Rimuru used Veldora's Wings or Shizue's body to fight and move.


could also be used to store hazardous materials and be used to replace magical energy. Usually this hazardous material does not go through the analysis process, so it is automatically stored in Rimuru's storage room. But if Rimuru wanted an analysis process then that process could be done.

Rimuru Tempest's Predator Skill will evolve into Sklill Gluttony. This Gluttony skill has 3 new Sub-powers and its 5 main Skills become more powerful and accurate.

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