4 The Strength of Finral Roulacase “Black Clover”, Owner of Anywhere Doors

4 The Strength of Finral Roulacase “Black Clover”, Owner of Anywhere Doors

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4 The Strength of Finral Roulacase “Black Clover”, Owner of Anywhere Doors

Finral Roulacase is one of the nobles of the Clover kingdom. As a member of a noble family, of course he has great magical energy. Finral Roulacase's power is Teleport or Anywhere Door magic.

Finral joins the Black Bull Magic Knight Squad and becomes a Support knight that Yami relies on a lot. Even though he comes from a noble family, Finral doesn't have a conceited or condescending nature to commoners. On the other hand, he really appreciates everyone including Asta who is a person on the outskirts of the village.

Finral was eliminated from his own family, it was caused by the magic power he had not as great as his younger brother's. But Finral has a stronger determination to protect many people.

Finral Roulacase Facts

There are several facts about Finral Roulacase that have been shown "changes". Finral goes ahead by changing some things in himself and that makes Facts the foundational Theory.

  • Finral Roulacase is a Pervert?
    From the beginning of the Black Clover anime story, Finral is shown as someone who is "perverted" because of his nature that always approaches women he doesn't even know. But the FACT is now Finral Roulacase is more mature and no longer bothers other women (Faithful).
    It happened after the battle with the Elves. He decided to become a useful person and become a reliable family head.
  • Finral Roulacase's Strength Weak?
    If we look at the first appearance of the character Finral Roulacase. He looks cowardly and often runs away from battle. is Finral Weak? Of course not, he became like that as a result of being “abandoned” by his family which made him run from reality.
    But when compared, his strength is very strong and very useful, it can be seen from several episodes that show his ability.

The power of Finral Roulacase

Until now, the power of Finral Roulacase is still a mystery. Finral has a 3 cloverleaf Grimoire which contains various spells related to Space magic. Even though the Magic he has is Space Magic, but until now only a few of Finral's powers have been shown.


Magic Spatial Magic (Door Anywhere Magic) is used to move places. But before moving, he must visit or know the place that will be made the destination of Teleportation.

So before doing the transfer of space. Finral has to see his destination first. But when in battle he can move his comrades at will because in battle all areas can be seen clearly.

Spatial Magic that has been shown :

  • Fallen Angel Gate
    This magic is used to move objects through the Portal. As explained earlier that finral can only move objects to places he has seen. This magic can also be used to direct the spell in the direction he wants. So this magic can also be used to counterattack the enemy.
  • Fallen Angel Flapping
    Magic is used to attack enemies. Spatial magic aimed at the target, After this magic hits the target, the target will be forced to move space. The target will move to the area that Finral wants. Then he can also attack himself using this magic.

Reinforcement Magic

With strengthening magic he is able to physically strengthen any part of his body. Well, for example, like he channeled his strength to the Legs. After the legs are strengthened, the strength and speed will increase.

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