5 Strengths of Charlotte Roselei "Black Clover", Beautiful Woman Using Whip Magic

5 Strengths of Charlotte Roselei "Black Clover", Beautiful Woman Using Whip Magic

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5 Strengths of Charlotte Roselei "Black Clover", Beautiful Woman Using Whip Magic

Charlotte Roselei's power is Briar Magic that she usually uses to make Whips. Charlotte Roselei is a knight who has royal blood in the Clover kingdom. He also serves as the Commander of the Magic Knights.

Charlotte Roselei is the Commander of the Blue Rose Magic Knight Squad in the Clover kingdom. He has very great strength and very stable Emotion Control. That way he is very suitable to be a magic knight commander.

Facts about Charlotte Roselei

Charlotte Roselei looks like a quiet and graceful woman with an indifferent attitude. Looks like a tough woman but in reality she is a kind and calm woman.

Charlotte Roselei has feelings for Yami Sukehiro. It started when he was saved by Yami at his residence. At that time Charlotte had problems with her "family" curse which resulted in the growth of many Briars in her household. That's when Yami saves him.

The power of Charlotte Roselei

Charlotte uses a 3 cloverleaf Grimoire which contains Magic related to Briar Magic. Usually he uses the Briar to make Whips.

The following is the power of Charlotte Roselei that has been shown:

Briar Magic

Charlotte Roselei uses this Magic to create and manipulate Briar. Charlotte actually has a curse that causes her blue rose magic to not be as strong as the original even though Yami has cut off the growth of her curse.

But over time, he developed his power into an anti-curse power.

  • Blue Rose Paradise
    This magic propagates plants to fill the walls in an area. This magic can catch the enemy if the enemy touches the plant.

Briar's "True"

Magic This magic is used to create and manipulate plants to propagate Briar throughout the battle area. Briar is used in very large quantities and is natural.

  • Queen of Briars
    Using Natural Mana she creates real roses. After that she will wrap her body in a beautiful dress and crown made of briar. Then he also created a whip from this magic.
    He uses red roses to attack enemies, while Blue roses are used to wrap/capture enemies.
    This magic is also like the "Rose Flower" trap, because when the enemy is getting stronger and stronger, the bond will be more painful.

Creation Magic

magic is used to create an object made of briars. This magic was once used and had the name Briar Creation Magic: Corpse-Hunting Briar Tree.

Briar Creation Magic: Corpse-Hunting Briar Tree, This magic is used by slashing his weapon at the enemy which will then grow a briar covered by sharp thorns. Then this magic can also create tall Briar plants with enemies trapped in them.

Then he can also create plants capable of destroying all his opponents. Enemies trapped in Briar will feel the extreme pain.

Reinforcement Magic & Immense Magical Power

Charlotte Roselei is part of a noble family that has a lot of mana and strength that is above average. That way he was able to become a very great Magic Knight Commander.

Has enormous magic power and then he can also strengthen his Magic. One of these types of magic is Mana Skin which envelops the user with mana in their skin.

Mana Method

Charlotte Roselei also understood which Method she possessed so she could expand her Strength to a wider area. He can use his briar magic in a very wide range with the addition of unique magic that comes from the kingdom of the heart.

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