7 Strengths of Gordon Agrippa "Black Clover", Curse Magic User

7 Strengths of Gordon Agrippa "Black Clover", Curse Magic User

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7 Strengths of Gordon Agrippa "Black Clover", Curse Magic User

Gordon Agrippa is a member of the Black Bull squad whose appearance has not yet stood out. Gordon Agrippa's strength is Poison Magic which was shown when fighting the midnight sun eye squad that attacked the Black Bull Squad headquarters.

From the very beginning of the Black Clover episode, Gordon Agrippa has always been aloof and doesn't get along with his colleagues at Black Bull. This resulted in many unsolved mysteries of this one character. But after the battle with the Eye of the Midnight Sun he showed a little of his strength.

It turned out that the Power he had was Poison Type Magic. And there are theories that say that Gordon Agrippa actually has the Aura of the Devil and there are also those who say that Gordon is a strong character.

Gordon Agrippa Facts Gordon


Agrippa has a unique personality that is nagging to himself / talking to himself. Then he doesn't like the sun either. He often speaks very slowly and quietly so most of his colleagues don't hear him (because his voice is too low).

Even so he is a very kind and understanding person. He always wished happiness with his colleagues in the Black Bull team. Not only that, Gordon is also very sensitive to the nature and attitude of his colleagues. This was shown when he said that "Gauche had nosebleeds when he wished immense happiness for the people he cares about". And that's right, when Gauche thinks about his sister he will have a nosebleed because he thinks about happiness with his sister.

Gordon is able to understand other people in a very short time. He always gives off an uplifting and positive aura with his very low voice.

Every day he always records all the events that he goes through in his diary. His diary also contains observations about everyone including the Black Bull members.

Powers Gordon

Agrippa possesses a Grimoire that contains various Poison Magic-based spells. With this magic he can generate and manipulate Poison. Up until now only a few Poison Magic had been shown.

Poison Magic

As the name implies, this magic uses poison as its main ingredient. Gordon can produce and manipulate Poison as he wishes. Until now there are only 2 types of Poison Magic that have been shown:

  • Verbotenes Obst
    This magic is used to attack the enemy using Poison Magic. When this magic is activated, it will produce a large amount of Liquid Poison and then the Poison is launched towards enemies in the area.
  • Violett Schirm
    This magic can be used as Defense and attack magic as well (because poison magic will still be dangerous even if used to block enemy attacks). With this magic Gordon can protect the Target from enemy attacks by creating a Great Curtain made of poison.

's Curse Magic

can add a curse effect to his Poison Magic. As one of the Magic Knight Commanders of the Clover Kingdom said that Gordon is a knight shrouded in a Curse (The Curse is Great). Well there is a possibility that Gordon has a very large curse power. Because some say that he is very skilled in Curse Magic.

Until now there are 2 types of Curse Magic that have been shown:

  • Dwelling of the Poison Cloud
    This magic is in the form of Poisonous Gas which spreads and destroys the life of the plants it touches. This magic can kill plants which means this curse magic can take life from the plants it touches.
  • Aufwachen Dachs
    This magic creates many Badgers made of poison. This badger can easily attack and chew on reinforced targets.

Reinforcement Magic

Almost all magic Knights have this ability. Reinforcement Magic is used to increase Physical abilities. An example of the use of this magic is the Mana Skin which is currently widely used by magic knights including Gordon.

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