5 Facts and Strengths of Narberal Gamma “Overlord”, a very Dangerous Combat Maid

5 Facts and Strengths of Narberal Gamma “Overlord”, a very Dangerous Combat Maid

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5 Facts and Strengths of Narberal Gamma “Overlord”, a very Dangerous Combat Maid

Narberal Gamma's power is terrible, she is called the most “dangerous” Maid in the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Narberal Gamma considers other beings to be just insects that are "disgusting" and more deserving of being exterminated.

Narberal Gamma is described as a “Golden Princess” with her elegant appearance and charming snow white skin. Her beauty managed to amaze everyone, so Narberal was always seduced by the man near her. Not only that, many women are jealous of her beauty. When traveling with Momon, Narberal uses the alias Nabe.

Narberal Gamma Overlord Facts Narberal Gamma

Creator Narberal Gamma

was created by Nishikienrai who was one of the original founders of the Ainz Ooal Gown Guild. Narberal became one of Nazrick's strongest Maid Combatants and became the last stronghold of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

Narberal Gamma

Narberal's job with the other Maid Fighters is to guard the last "Fortress" of Nazarick. But Narberal would not be able to fight many players at once. So from there it can be concluded that Narberal's main task is to restrain the enemy players until the Nazarick users are ready to fight in the throne room, so Narberal's task can be referred to as "Diversion".

Nabe and Momon, the Dark Adventurers

Narberal Gamma became Ainz's companion on his adventures. Narberal used the name “Nabe”, while Ainz used the name “Momon”. The two of them formed a Team of Adventurers under the name "Darkness". Nabe became one of the strongest Magic Casters in the Sorcerer Kingdom, then he also got the highest rank from the Adventurer's Guild, namely the Adamantite rank.

Narberal Gamma, the most dangerous maid compared

to other maids. Narberal Gamma is classified as the most dangerous maid, the reason is because Narberal will kill anyone who dares to "look at" his master. In addition, Narberal considers Humans only as lowly "Insects" that are more appropriate if exterminated. With this attitude, Narberal Gamma is classified as the most dangerous maid and is very aggressive in killing targets.

Loyal to his Master

Like all of Ainz's subordinates, Narberal Gamma was fiercely loyal to all of his masters in Nazarick. He would obey all of Ainz's orders and protect with his life.

The Strength of Narberal Gamma

Narberal Gamma is a Maid Fighter who has the highest level. If noticed. Narberal Gamma only has Combat Type Magic and only has 1 or 2 non-battle magic. In addition, Narberal Gamma also uses several special items such as rings and armor that have certain effects in battle.

Narberal Gamma has a Passive Skill, namely:Dark Vision. In addition, there are several Narberal Gamma Skills that have been shown, here's the list:

  • Dragon Lightning,is a level 5 magic that has a Lightning Dragon type attack.
  • Chain Dragon Lightning, is a Level 7 Magic that is used to attack enemy "Area" targets. This magic takes the form of Dragon Lightning which is stronger than Dragon Lightning.
  • Charm Person
  • Dimensional Move, is a high-level magic that is used to escape or avoid enemies.
  • Electrosphere
  • Flying
  • (Invisible for a certain time).
  • Lightning Magiclevel 3.
  • Lightning Blast.
  • Lightning Shock
  • Message, Usually used to communicate with other Nazarick Dwellers.
  • Protection Energy – Negative,Protector specifically used to ward off Negative attacks.
  • Rabbit Ears, Used to improve the user's hearing.
  • Rabbit Foot, used to increase the user's "Luck".
  • Bunny Tail,Aggression Reduction.
  • Magic to strengthen Armor.
  • Protective Wall Magic.
  • Teleportation, a tier 5 magic that is used to instantly change places.
  • Thunderlance,2nd tier attack magic.

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