3 Members of the Dark Triad “Black Clover”, Ruler of the Spade Kingdom

3 Members of the Dark Triad “Black Clover”, Ruler of the Spade Kingdom

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3 Members of the Dark Triad “Black Clover”, Ruler of the Spade Kingdom

Members of the Dark Triad, namely the Zofree Brothers. They have very powerful Troops such as Lucifero's Devils, Megicula and Zenon's unknown demons. Apart from that they also have several Dark underlings who continue to serve them. The Dark Triad is the ruler of the Spade Kingdom who leads by spreading "Fear".

The Dark Triad is a top-level Magician who has tremendous power. Even the Diamond Kingdom had already been eroded by their attacks. The Dark Triad used "Fear" to dominate the Spade Kingdom as well as its colonies. Then the weak people of the Spade kingdom will be used as the "Source of Magic power" for the kingdom.

What is the Purpose of the Dark Triads??

As previously explained, the Dark Triad has tremendous power along with the demons that help it. With such great power, what is the Dark Triad's true purpose?? The answer is to create a Qliphoth Tree. The Qliphoth Tree is a "Channel" that allows Devils to enter the world of Life (Human World).

However, to create the Qliphoth tree, the Dark Triad needed World Tree Magic and Dark Magic. Who has the magic power???? The answer is Yami and William Vangeance.

William has the power of World Tree Magic and Yami has the Power of Dark Magic. So the Dark Triad kidnapped Yami and William to make sacrifices for the creation of the Qliphoth Tree. Zenon defeats the Golden Dawn Squad and Dante attacks the Black Bull Squad. Now that's the reason why Yami and William were captured by the Dark Triad.

Members of the Dark Triad

Dark Triad has 3 members, namely the Zofree Brothers. The Zofree family includes Dante, Vanica and Zenon who have immense power as well as higher level demons. The following is a Dark Triad Member Profile:

Dante Zofree

Dante is a person who has a relaxed and calm personality even in a precarious situation. He has tremendous power as evidenced by his success in taking over the Spade kingdom. Dante's magic power is Body-based Magic, which allows him to repair or change his body shape.

In addition, he also has Lucifero's demonic power, namely Gravity Magic. Dante can use both magic powers at the same time. This makes Dante stronger and harder to beat.

Vanica Zofree Vanica's

power is actually more sinister because she has blood magic. He combined the Blood Magic with Megicula's Demonic Magic in the form of curse magic. With the cursed Blood Magic that she has, it's no wonder that Vanica has a "bloodthirsty" nature. it is said that he also cursed Lolopechka and the sign of the curse is on lolopechka's stomach.

Vanica has an "unstoppable" nature and she tends to look for strong opponents. From this "bloodthirsty" nature he is always cruel and inhuman to the enemies he faces, but he will be kind to his dark subordinates.

Zenon Zofree Zenon's

power is Bone-based Magic, although until now there is still a lot of mystery about its power. Not only his strength is still a mystery, but the name of the devil that inhabits his soul is also unknown.

Zenon always prioritizes strength over other things, so he has an arrogant and bloodthirsty nature. Zenon will not hesitate to kill anyone who has the potential to destroy the Spade kingdom. For example, He is seen insulting and destroying the Golden Dawn Squad and capturing William Vangeance.

Dark Triad Devils

There are 3 Devils who are known to help and give their power to the Dark Triad, namely:

  • Lucifero (Demon Dante)
  • Megicula (Devil Vanica)
  • Devil Zenon (Not yet known by name)

Disciples of Darkness (Dark Disciples)

Apart from the 3 members of the Dark Triad. The Spade Kingdom also has a Dark Disciple, namely:

  • Gaderois
  • Foyal
  • Svenkin
  • Sivoir
  • Halbet
  • Hischer
  • Robero

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