9 Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights "Black Clover"

9 Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights "Black Clover"

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9 Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights "Black Clover"

9 Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights Commanded by Magic Emperor Julius. Then in each squad there is a commander who leads each of his troops. So in the Clover Kingdom there are 9 Troop Commanders and 9 Squads led directly by the magic emperor Julius.

From the beginning of the Black Clover Episode, Magic Commanders have been introduced and shown their every power. Then the commanders competed to get a star award from the clover kingdom which would be counted every year. Now the Golden Dawn Squad led by William is the best Squad and has the potential to replace the magic emperor Julius.

William and Yami are the strongest candidates to replace Julius' position as the magic emperor of the clover kingdom. This is seen from his ability and sacrifice for the clover kingdom.

9 Clover Kingdom Magic Knight Troops

In the Clover kingdom there are 9 Troops that are currently active protecting the Kingdom, Here is a review of the Black Clover Squad Names:

Golden Dawn

Squad Golden Dawn is considered the strongest magic knight army among the others. This is due to the number of award stars they get every year. Star awards are awarded after the Magic Knight Squad completes the mission given by the magic emperor. Then this Golden Dawn Squad has a very great commander, William Vangeance.

Golden Dawn Squad Members:

  1. William Vangeance (Captain)
  2. Yuno (Vice-Captain)
  3. Langris Vaude
  4. Alecdora Sandler
  5. Klaus Lunettes
  6. Mimosa Vermillion
  7. David Swallow
  8. Letoile Becquerel
  9. Sylph
  10. Siren Tium
  11. Hamon Caseus

In addition there are 4 other members whose names are not yet known. But it is certain that all members of Golden Dawn have very great strength. This was shown during the magic knight entrance exam, where William was only interested in strong knights.

Silver Eagle

Silver Eagle was originally led by Acier, Acier is the mother of noelle and Nozel who is a legend of the clover kingdom. At the time Acier was referred to as the “Dancing Princess on the Battlefield”, this former Magic Commander was a very powerful fighter and looked like she was dancing when she was fighting.

Silver Eagle Squad Member:

  1. Nozel Silva (Captain)
  2. Rob Vitesse
  3. Curtis Warren
  4. Nebra Silva
  5. Nils Ragus
  6. Solid Silva
  7. Simon
  8. Kyle

Apart from that there are 2 retired members namely Acier Silva and Mohl.

Crimson Lion

Crimson Lion has great members and their Squad always gets a good rank. Usually they are in the 2nd or 3rd position and even the 1st position. The Crimson Lion is led by Fuegoleon Vermillion who has the power of a Salamander. With his power he was able to defeat the Elves who attacked the clover kingdom.

Crimson Lion Squad Members:

  1. Fuegoleon Vermillion (Captain)
  2. Randall Luftair (Vice-Captain)
  3. Ben Benfunk
  4. Gareth
  5. Rokken
  6. Ruben Chagar
  7. Leopold Vermillion
  8. Forte Gris
  9. Salamander

Apart from that there is 1 member whose name is not yet known. Crimson Lion also has a very strong former captain namely Mereoleona and 2 members namely Theresa and Goht.

Blue Rose

Blue Rose contains female knights. This squad really doesn't expect a man. That way all its members are prohibited from having close relationships with men. But after Charlotte confesses her feelings for Yami, all of the members follow admit that they also love a man.

Blue Rose member:

  1. Charlotte Roselei (Captain)
  2. Puli Angel
  3. Sol Marron
  4. Borja
  5. Wainsley
  6. Risacca Ondell
  7. Selena
  8. Galgaria

Coral Peacock

Coral Peacock Is a magical knight troop that until now has not seen much appearance and action. Coral Peacock has great members too.

Coral Peacock Squad Members:

  1. Dorothy Unsworth (Captain)
  2. Kirsch Vermillion (Vice-Captain)
  3. Rick Cornell
  4. Dmitri Brint
  5. Medio
  6. Roland
  7. Brad
  8. Protobe Collina

Azure Deer

Azure Deer Is the first Squad for Yami, William, and Julius. When they were young, this Squad was the starting point for them to become a commander and magic emperor (Julius).

Azure Deer Member :

  1. Rill Boismortier ( Captain )
  2. Walter
  3. Fragil Tormenta
  4. Cesc
  5. Francis
  6. Eric

Former Captain : Julus Novachrono

Former Member :

  1. Yami Sukehiro
  2. William Vangeance
  3. Marx Francois
  4. Cob Portaport
  5. Nacht Faust

Green Mantis

Green Mantis is led by Jack who is able to cut through anything with his magic. Even a very hard enemy he used to cut easily.

Green Mantis Squad Members :

  1. Jack The Ripper ( Captain )
  2. En Ringard
  3. Willie
  4. Nix
  5. Sekke Bronzazza

Purple Orca

Squad Purple Orca :

  1. Kaiser Granvorka ( Captain )
  2. Xerx Lugner
  3. Adrian
  4. Gaston
  5. Winston
  6. Digit Taliss

Former Captain : Gueldre Poizot

Former members : Revchi salik, Rades Spirito, dan Zara Ideale

Black Bull

Squad The Black Bulls are the most chaotic Squad with Negative Stars every year. However, after Asta arrived, the squad increased (because many missions were completed). Now this Squad also has very strong members when compared to other Squads. It can be seen from the ability of each member.

Black Bull Squad Members:

  1. Yami Sukehiro (Captain)
  2. Nacht Faust (Vice-Captain)
  3. Charmy Pappitson
  4. Gauche Adlai
  5. Zora Ideale
  6. Finral Roulacase
  7. Gordon Agrippa
  8. Asta
  9. Noelle Silva
  10. Vanessa Enoteca
  11. Gray
  12. Magna Swing
  13. Luck Voltia
  14. Henry Legolant
  15. Secre Swallowtail

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