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3 Veldora Skills: Lord of Storm Rimuru Tempest "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", Ultimate Skill Rimuru Veldora

by Staff Okuen 05 May 2022 0 Comments

Skill: Lord of Storm Is Rimuru Tempest's Skill obtained from the results of his analysis of Veldora's remains. More precisely that Rimuru got this skill after analyzing the infinity prison and freeing Veldora from it.

Rimuru's Veldora Lord of Storm skill is closely related to Veldora. It was because all the effects of this Skill were directed towards Veldora's own Details. For example, Rimuru can access Veldora's power which has very strong damage. Then he can also change form or summon Dragon Veldora.

Veldora Skill: Lord of Storm

Rimuru Tempest's Veldora Lord of Storm skill has 3 effects that can be used. Here is the list and explanation:

Storm Dragon Summon

By using this skill Rimuru can summon the Storm Dragon Veldora in Dragon form. This skill can only be used to summon 1 Veldora Dragon at a time. So if Rimuru summons Dragon Veldorasa 2 times then the first summon will be returned or Unsummoned.

Storm Dragon Restoration

Rimuru Tempest kept all of Veldora's memories within himself and his mind. That way, Veldora has "Immortality" which means when he dies his memories and Personality will not change as long as Rimuru is "Alive. Now if one day Veldora dies and is resurrected, then he will return to his old form with the same memory and personality.

Storm Dragon Magic Archive

By using this Skill Rimuru Tempest can access some of Veldora's abilities and use them as his own strength. The skills that Rimuru Tempest can currently use are Black Lightning, Storm of Destruction and Death-Calling Wind. This skill has enormous damage and is part of the Ultimate Skill Rimuru Tempest.