The appearance of Diablo (Noir) “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, the Demon Ancestor Who Becomes Rimuru's Strongest Subordinate

The appearance of Diablo (Noir) “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, the Demon Ancestor Who Becomes Rimuru's Strongest Subordinate

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Diablo (Noir) occurred in Episode 11 S2 of Tensura. Rimuru who has succeeded in massacring all the troops of the Falmuth kingdom, continues his action by summoning 3 high-level devils and one of them is the "ancestor" of the devil, Noir.

As we know that, Rimuru was very angry when he saw that his citizens died due to the attack from the kingdom of Falmuth. After that, Rimuru got even more furious seeing Shion die. With that reason, Rimuru decided to massacre all of Falmuth's army to become the sacrifice for the revival of the New Demon King and revive his dead citizens.

The Appearance of Diablo (Noir) Tensura

After successfully slaughtering all of Falmuth's troops, Rimuru successfully qualified to start the New Demon King Awakening Harvest Festival. Before the Harvest Festival started, Rimuru used the Summoning Skill to summon 3 high level Devils and one of them was Noir who was the Ancestor of the Black Devil.

The emergence of Diablo (Noir), Became the beginning of Tensura's “New Era”. The reason for that was because Diablo would be Rimuru's most powerful Subordinate. In addition, Diablo will also lead Rimuru's strongest army which is filled with high-level Devils.

Diablo's First Task

Diablo was overjoyed when Rimuru managed to summon him. Diablo also felt honored to be called with a lot of "Soul Sacrifice" (Rimuru used up all the lives of Falmuth's royal troops). After Noir appeared before Rimuru, he immediately asked to continue serving RImuru. But Rimuru asks Noir to "Prove" that he is worthy to be Rimuru's subordinate.

Diablo's first task is to catch Razen (the wizard of the kingdom of Falmuth) who managed to escape. Diablo said that the task was very easy. and sure enough, Diablo could easily bring Razen to Tempest.

Diablo's 2 Sub-Demons Become “Sacrifices”

After Diablo (Noir) completes his first task. He immediately went to Tempest, Well there he met Raphael (Because Rimuru was in Sleep Mode). Diablo realized that Rimuru lacked the “Magic Energy” to resurrect the Tempest Citizens of the Dead. That's why Diablo offered his two Demon Subordinates to become "Sacrifices".

Please note that, the Devil is very happy and honored, if it can be of use to his master. Now, after the 2 demons were made "victims", Shion and all the citizens who had died were finally brought back to life.

Diablo Crying???

After everything is finished and the dead Tempest citizens have been revived. Diablo met Rimuru and asked to be his "Underman", but Rimuru instead told Diablo to go home and thanked Diablo for helping Rimuru in many ways. Now that's what makes Diablo "Sad" and seems to want to cry.

After some time, Rimuru realized that Diablo wanted to be his subordinate. Well in the end Noir became Rimuru's subordinate with the name "Diablo".

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