7 Great Sage Rimuru Tempest Skill "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken"

7 Great Sage Rimuru Tempest Skill "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken"

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Great Sage Skill is one of the first skills that Rimuru Tempest has after Reincarnating into the Isekai world. Great Sage is included in Rimuru Tempest's Unique Skill which has a very "Intelligent" ability and even has an Auto Battle Effect.

After Satoru Mikami died, he thought that his death was "too fast" and was still a "virgin". That way Mikami thought that he would become bigger than just a “Witch”. In the end, Mikami got the Great Sage skill.

Great Sage Rimuru Tempest

Great Sage was a very intelligent skill. Conceptual Intelligence that has personality but lacks feelings and emotions. He only uses Pure calculation who only cares about the "Benefits" that his master, Rimuru, will get.

At the beginning of the formation of the Great Sage Skill, the Intelligence could not speak at length and only asked YES/NO in the use of New Skills or the like. According to the Great Sage's opinion, it takes about 90 days to build "Himself" into Slime Mikami's body (After reincarnating into a slime).

After that, Great Sage could talk more freely and optimize mikami (Slime) skills very quickly. For example, the Great Sage could quickly answer any “Question” that Rimuru could think of. The response the Great Sage had also increased after that incident.

Great Sage Also has Ego, Sometimes he hides information that is very important for Rimuru's progress and reveals it at the right time. The Great Sage also conducted several analyzes and experiments such as seeing Veldora's and ifrit's training which he believed would become Rimuru's partner in the future.

Effects Skill Great Sage Rimuru Tempest

  • Mind Acceleration: Great Sage can increase thought processes up to a thousand times the Normal ability. Then this Mind Acceleration will continue to be increased as long as RImuru evolves.
  • Analytical Assessment: Great Sage can analyze and assess targets quickly and accurately. This analytical ability was also used in finding a way to break Veldora's seal.
  • Parallel Processing: This ability is used to release thinking and analysis. This skill is still under the influence of Mind acceleration.
  • Spell Cancellation: When using Magic, Then he does not need a spell.
  • All Creation: Everything Rimuru has seen, can be summed up very easily by the Great Sage. So everything in that world could be “described” by the Great Sage.
  • Analysis: When Rimuru inserts Items / Objects into his body then the Great Sage can analyze all of it. That way, Rimuru could imitate the objects he swallowed such as making items or imitating other people's skills.
  • Auto Battle Mode: Rimuru can surrender all control of his body to the Great Sage. That way the Great Sage could maximize all of Rimuru's potential. It was once shown when Rimuru fought the Orc Lord.

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