4 Clayman Facts “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Puppet Manipulation

4 Clayman Facts “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Puppet Manipulation

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Clayman is one of the 10 great Demon Lords. Clayman possesses extremely terrifying powers and is particularly skilled at manipulating subordinates and those close to him. Clayman was the mastermind behind the damage inflicted on Jura Tempest.

Clayman Has an appearance similar to that of a wealthy noble with clothes and a slim body shape. He is seen wearing a white dress with a casual suit that shows "wealth" from a glance. He is a Crazy Clown who has evil intentions by manipulating anyone around him.

Clayman Facts Tensura

Clayman is a cunning demon lord full of Dramatic Manipulation. He will incite anyone to become his subordinate and destroy his enemy. Apart from that, there are some other interesting facts about the Clayman Slime character. Here's the review:

Cunning and Manipulative

Clayman is a very cunning and manipulative demon lord, he will torture all weak people and force them to submit to him. Then he will control his subordinates and those closest to him into "Dolls" that he can control at will. His Manipulation ability is very great, it is proven by the many chaos in Jura Tempest caused by his cunning.

The Creator of Clayman

Clayman was created by Kazaream who was a Demon King in the previous generation. Clayman was created as an Undead. Clayman is very loyal to his master and continues to carry out missions to kill the majin and make him a subordinate. However, after Kazaream was killed by Leon, then Clayman no longer received requests from his master. But there is a possibility Kazerman will be resurrected.

The Mastermind of the Orc Lord's Assault and Chaos Jura Tempest

Clayman was the mastermind of the Orc Nation's attack. He planned to strengthen his army with orc rocks to fight the other Demon Lords. But the plan failed because Rimuru and Jura Tempest managed to defeat the Orc Lord's army. After that he manipulated Milim and her fellow demon lords to attack Jura Tempest. But his efforts failed again.

Before the Demon King meeting took place, Clayman planned to destroy the Tempest Jura with the help of the Falmuth kingdom to make him the True Demon Lord (Using Tempest Citizen Corpses). However Falmuth's kingdom was destroyed and Rimuru became a True Demon Lord. So all the chaos going on in the Tempest Jura comes from Clayman.

Rimuru Kills Clayman

Prior to meeting the Demon Lord (Formation of the Octagram), Clayman sent his army along with Milim's followers to destroy the Tempest Jura. But the Plan is revealed, After that MIlim ignores him (Milim's squad doesn't act) and Frey says that his Dominance Ball doesn't work on Milim (Probably some kind of witchcraft).

Back then Rimuru had a reason to “kill” the demon that had messed with Jura Tempest. And then Rimuru easily killed Clayman and Rimuru was crowned the new True Demon King and formed the Demon Octagram.

Strength Clayman

had the formidable Puppet Manipulation power and he even dared to “try” to control Milim. This manipulation power is often used to make other people as pawns.

Clayman's Strengths:

  • Unique Skills: "Dalang" and Marionette Dance.
  • Intrinsic Skill of Walking Dead
  • Dragon Pulse Death Canon
  • Giant Magic Missile

Clayman was killed By Rimuru Tempest. After that the Demon Lord Clayman's Position was replaced by Rimuru Tempest.

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