Traitor Dino in Tempest Jura? [Spoiler] Here's the theory! “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”

Traitor Dino in Tempest Jura? [Spoiler] Here's the theory! “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”


Is Dino a Traitor in Jura Tempest?. The question was expressed by many fans who wanted the latest Tensura spoiler. The reason for that was because Dino turned out to be Veldanava's subordinate who was sent to earth to protect humanity. However, due to certain events he fell and was called a Fallen Angel.

There is a theory which says that Dino is a loyal subordinate of vedanava (Milim's father), After the world of peace and war began to stop. So Dino was sent to the world and assigned to observe and guard Humanity, but there was an incident that caused him to fall and in the end Dino was called a Fallen Angel.

Vedanava and his wife were killed by humans, it made Dino angry and destroyed many cities and countries, Dino also had time to think about destroying the whole world. However, after seeing the development of Milim Nava (Son of Vedanava) who grew up without being accompanied by his parents, So Dino thought to take care and pay attention to him. Well, even though Veldanava's death happened a long time ago, Dino is still waiting for the resurrection of his master, Veldanava.

Well, currently being fussed over with news that Veldanava is in Yuuki Kagurazaka's body, who is Yuuki? Yuuki is the most dangerous person in the tensura world and is the Reincarnation of another world like Rimuru. Veldanava ordered Dino to become a spy among the demons (perhaps that's why an angel and guardian of mankind became a demon lord). Then Dino was also asked to “Listen” to Yuuki.

Dino Planning to Kill Ramiris?

Dino plans to kill Ramiris and destroy Ramiris' Labyrinth which is currently guarded by some of Rimuru's strongest Underlings. However, because he had a debt of gratitude to Ramiris who had taken care of him, he decided to seal Ramiris using Eternal Sleep. Eternity Sleep is a skill that can put anyone to sleep with “Eternal”, but the attempt fails and Rimuru's subordinates help save Ramiris (one of which is Zegion who came to save Ramiris).

Why was Ramiris' Labyrinth destroyed? As we know that in the labyrinth there are many high-class monsters/demons including Diablo. Then the Labyrinth will block Yuuki's movement. With that reason Dino planned to destroy it.

Traitor Dino in Tempest Jura?

If the theory above is true, then it is not impossible that Dino will truly betray and kill Ramiris and betray Rimuru Tempest. There are several things that strengthen it all, namely:

  • Veldanava Rising and Being in Yuuki's Body (Although not Whole)
  • DIno is Veldanava's Loyal Subordinate, Who is currently his soul in Yuuki's body
  • Dino thinks Rimuru is the most "Cute" Monster among the Another Octagram Devil.

Well those 3 reasons can strengthen the possibility that Dino will betray, IF TRUE Veldanava will rise and be by Yuuki's side. Then Dino will definitely side with Yuuki and destroy All Monsters and Demons (Including the World). To achieve this goal, Dino must kill Ramiris who is a threat to Yuuki and Vedanava and their labyrinth.

After Ramiris was killed or sealed, the next step would be to destroy Jura Tempest. Well that's the Theory about Betrayal that will happen in Jura Tempest. But this is only a theory and the story will continue.

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