4 Facts about Geld “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Former Right Hand of the Orc Lord

4 Facts about Geld “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Former Right Hand of the Orc Lord

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Geld is an Orc nation who is Rimuru's subordinate. Geld's strength focuses on Guardians and great physical strength. He works as an orc leader and does heavy work like lifting stones and others in Jura Tempest. Geld has extraordinary physical endurance so such tough work is an easy thing for him.

Geld is an Orc who has the appearance of a delinquent with a 3-tooth necklace and his Mohawk hair. He is different from other Orcs, Because the hair he has is very Unique and rare and he is also an Orc King and leads the Orcs to serve Rimuru Tempest.

Facts Geld Tensura

Geld is the son of the previous Orc King, “Geld”. After his father died, Rimuru gave him the name Geld as a tribute to his father. Apart from that, there are some interesting facts about Geld Slime Characters. Here's the review:

The Orc King's Right Hand (Orc Lord)

Apart from his position as the Orc King's son, Geld is also the Orc Lord's right hand man. He continued to serve and lead other orcs to destroy the Jura Forest and its contents. Now as the Orc Lord's right-hand man, Geld was rarely seen fighting and even when Rimuru fought the Orc Lord.

Serious and Hardworking

Geld has always felt himself to be someone who deserves to be put to death because of the attack on the Orcs. But after Benimaru forgave him and Rimuru was willing to bear his sins, Geld promised to work hard and obey Rimuru Tempest. This was proven by the hard work and loyalty he did for the Tempest jura.

Caring for the "stomach" of all

Gelds and Orcs experiencing a food crisis resulting in a very long famine. Then the aftermath of the incident made the Orcs become insane and were instigated to become Orc Lords. After that incident, Geld understood the problems related to the “Stomach” and tried to make everyone eat as much as they wanted.

Orc King

After joining Jura Tempest. Geld was given a memento by Rimuru of inheriting the Name “Geld” from his father. Then he became an Orc Lord and possessed the Orc King Glass. Currently he is the Head of Construction (head of development / Coolie) and also helps with the defense of Jura Tempest.

Geld Strength Geld

Has a power that focuses on Physical strength. That way he was able to withstand a strong physical attack and throw it back.

Geld Strength :

  • Guardian :
    – Iron Wall
    – Grant Protection
    – Substitution
  • Gourmet :
    – Predation
    – Rot
    – Stomach
    – Supply
    – Demand
  • Extra Skills
    – Sage
    – Magic Senese
    – Multilayer Barrier
    – Power of Steel
    – Stink Power
    – Mind Control
    – Special Move
    – Armor Identification
  • Common Skills
    – Regeneration
    – Apply Poison/Paralysis/Rot
    – Forced
  • Resistance

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