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4 Facts about Youm Farmenas "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", the New King of the Falmuth Kingdom (Farmenas Kingdom)

by Staff Okuen 29 Apr 2022 0 Comments

Youm Farmenas is one of Rimuru Tempest's subordinates who is tasked with becoming the new King of the Falmuth kingdom. Currently Falmuth's kingdom changed its name to Farmenas Kingdom.

Judging from his appearance, Youm has a unkempt and disheveled appearance. He looks very free and doesn't think much about his life. Youm has dark skin from the sun, but he is very loved by Mjurran. After becoming Rimuru's subordinate, Youm had the task of being the world's "Hero".

Youm Farmenas Facts Youm's

Background Youm

was originally a prisoner of the Falmuth kingdom's territory and was assigned the task of Border Expedition after the Orc Lord appeared. But all that changed after Youm managed to get out of detention.

Youm Becomes Rimuru's Subordinate – Youm's job is to become the “Hero”

Youm and his Team enter the Jura Tempest area and meet rimuru. After some time, Rimuru asked Youm to become the “Hero” who had defeated the Orc Lord. All of this was done to spread Rimuru's kindness for cooperating with the Human Hero (Youm) in killing the Orc Lord.

Youm wanders around the Jura City of Tempest and searches for the "Goodness" of the Monster Country. In the end, Youm discovers the meaning of comfort, peace, harmony and goodness of all beings in Jura Tempest. In the end, Youm agreed to Rimuru's Plan and he became Rimuru's Subordinate/Follower.


After Youm Becomes a Hero. He was assigned to practice Swordsmanship with Hakurou to strengthen his skills and abilities. Youm underwent a very hard training to become a real Hero.

The New King of the Falmuth Kingdom

After Rimuru became the Demon Lord and defeated the Falmuth Kingdom's Army. Youm is assigned to become the new King of the Falmuth Kingdom. After that Falmuth Kingdom changed its name to Farmenas Kingdom. Youm is assisted by Mjurran in this task.

Youm will have many additional tasks once he becomes the King of Farmenas Kingdom. The first task was to convince the nobles of the Falmuth kingdom and then devise a plan to take over.