4 Facts about Hinata Sakaguchi "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", Has Anti-Magic Physique

4 Facts about Hinata Sakaguchi "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", Has Anti-Magic Physique

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Hinata Sakaguchi is the leader of the holy man of the western church who has the task of eradicating monsters. Hinata Sakaguchi Targets Rimuru Tempest and intends to destroy Jura Tempest City. Hinata Sakaguchi has a protective power that is used to ward off monsters.

Hinata Sakaguchi was wearing a saintly outfit with iron armor and black hair stroking her shoulders. His appearance resembles a formidable knight with charming clothes and looks serious in fighting. Hinata Sakaguchi looks like a very cruel person with eyes like a cold-blooded killer.

Facts Hinata Sakaguchi Tensura

Hinata Sakaguchi is a saint from the western church whose job is to kill monsters including Rimuru, he is a cruel person and will do anything for the good of mankind. But in fact he still cooperates with the demon lord. Apart from that, there are some facts about the Hinata Sakaguchi Slime character. Here's the review:

The leader of the 10 Great Saints

Hinata Sakaguchi is the leader of the 10 Saints of the Western Church. That way he has an obligation to "purify" and one of them is by defeating monsters or demons. Hinata has the ability to dispel or protect herself from Monster attacks (a kind of anti-monster barrier).

Serving the Demon King

Hinata Sakaguchi Is a person who will use various means to protect humanity and is ready to cooperate with anyone including the Demon King. The Western Church is ruled by the Demon King even though the Devil controls the church from the shadows. However, Hinata is willing to serve the demon king.

Shizue's student

Hinata Sakaguchi is Shizue's student. He was trained by Shizue and when he heard that Shizue had died he rushed out to find out who the killer was. Without solid information, he assumed Rimuru was the demon who had killed Shizue and in the end he targeted Rimuru to kill.

Comes from Another World

Hinata Sakaguchi Comes from another world who was later summoned to the world of Tensura. In his old world he is a 15 year old boy who has a gambling addict father and a stressed mother. In the end, Hinata kills his parents and ends up in a new area in a new world.

When he first entered the Tensura World, he was confronted by several bandits who disturbed him. But Hinata managed to beat him and get a New Skill.

Strength Hinata

Sakaguchi Has the power that is on par with the Demon Lord and he can even become part of the Demon Lord. His abilities are better than the existing demon king seeds even though he is basically a "Saint" who serves the Demon King (Vampire).

Hinata Sakaguchi's Strengths :

  • Holy Spirit
  • Magic
    - Disintegration
    - Meltslash
    - Astral Bind
  • Unique Skills: Seizure / Deprivation
    - Forced Usurpation
    - Copying
  • at Physical Anti Magic


  • Dead End Rainbow
  • Dragon Buster
  • Moonlight
  • Holy Armaments:

Now that's the facts and strengths of Hinata Sakaguchi that have been shown so far. Hinata Sakaguchi will fight Rimuru in the latest Episode of Tensura. It was said that Hinata Sakaguchi would fight Rimuru Tempest several times. But in the first battle he only fought a clone of Rimuru not the real Rimuru.

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