4 Facts about Guy Crimson "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", the Strongest and Oldest Demon King

4 Facts about Guy Crimson "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", the Strongest and Oldest Demon King

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Guy Crimson (Rouge) is the strongest and oldest Demon King in the anime tensura. He is part of the Primordial Demon with a red line (Rouge). Not only that, Guy Crimson was also in the highest caste of the Demon Octagram rank and it was known that he was currently living in the ICE Continent.

Guy Crimson has a very formidable power (though the information is not detailed yet). He managed to keep up with Milim Nava and occupy the highest seat of the True Demon Lord. He comes from the underworld which is then called by "someone" to the human world to destroy a country. But in the end Guy crimson destroys everything.

Facts about Guy Crimson

Guy Crimson is the strongest and oldest Demon King in the anime Tensura. Apart from these facts, there are several other unique facts that you need to know. Here's the review: 

Can Have 2 Genders (No gender)

Guy Crimson has an affinity for women and men (especially those with special abilities). It is said that Guy has a physical body like a tough man, but he can change gender quickly and easily. So Guy Crimson can be Male or Female and he is even attracted to both genders.

As a Devil, Guy Crimson has no Gender. However, he can use the Male or Famale gender as he pleases. (sum: Wiki)

Interested in someone who has Special Skills

Guy Crimson has a very great interest in all beings who have Special skills or can be said creatures that have "Main" skills. This "Main" skill is like a skill that is owned by someone but is unique and does not belong to anyone else.

For example, Guy Crimson is very attracted to Leon because of his unique skills. Then Guy Crimson was also attracted to Rimuru's Existence who had skills beyond reason.

Guy Crimson was summoned to the world.

Rouge was summoned to the world by humans with the aim of destroying a country that was at war with humans. But in the end Rouge destroys everything. And then he got his name which had a very cruel and ominous meaning, like a human scream after he destroyed everything.

Guy Crimson (Rouge) was summoned along with 2 of his subordinates, Vert and Bleu. later they were both named by Guy and became his servants.

The First 3

Demon Lords After destroying a warring country, Guy realized that he had become a True Demon Lord. For that he made Vert and Bleu his subordinates. Then he met Milim Nava who was rampaging in a country.

Milim went berserk with the excuse that her Pet Dragon had been killed by the country. Now Milim's pet dragon is a Reincarnation tool that will be used by Milim's father, Veldanava. After Milim's Pet Dragon died, it instantly destroyed the entire country.

It made Guy Crimson wake up and try to contain his anger Milim. But their battle continued for 7 days 7 nights, where neither of them was able to win and the two continued to fight. Seeing all that, Ramiris stepped in to help her, And in the end Ramiris managed to quell Milim's anger and stop the fight between Milim and Guy Crimson.

After the incident, the three of them came to an agreement to become the First Demon King and they became friends. Well even so, the three of them have different goals.

Guy Crimson's

Strength Guy Crimson's Strength has yet to be revealed in detail. So for now the power possessed by Guy Crimson is still a mystery. But keep in mind that Guy is the strongest and oldest demon lord in the Tensura anime, so he must have tremendous strength that can even match Milim Nava.

Guy Crimson is the Strongest and Oldest Demon Lord in the anime tensura. He is also part of the 7 Primordial Demons and occupies the top position as the strongest.

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