5 Facts about Gabiru "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", Lizard Man Gabiru-Sama

5 Facts about Gabiru "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", Lizard Man Gabiru-Sama

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Gabiru is the Son of the Lizardman Leader. Gabiru's strength is quite strong by occupying Rank A +. Gabiru is a person who is lebay and annoying, it is caused by his followers who always say "Gabiru,, Gabiru,, Gabiru!!!" (watch it in the anime).

Gabiru wears ordinary clothes equipped with armor and a heater around his neck. He has Wings after evolving into Dragonewt. Then the scales changed from green to purplish which further added to the image of a Dragonewt creature. Gabiru inherited the Lizardman's Scepter and is currently Rimuru's subordinate.

The fact that Gabiru Tensura

Gabiru has an obsession with being the strongest and is respected by everyone, it resulted in him being instigated by the devil to fight the Orc Lord without anyone's help on the grounds that he was strong enough to defeat the Orc Lord's army. In fact Gabiru is a weak Lizardman and almost died when fighting the Orc Army. Apart from that, there are some other interesting facts about the Gabiru Slime character. Here's the review:

Gelmud Demon Puppet (before the Main Story begins)

At first Gabiru was given a name by Gelmud with the aim of fighting the Orcs and destroying the Lizardman Nation. But Gelmud's plan failed because in the end Rimuru came to save the Lizardman Nation.

Too Confident

Gabiru is a very confident person and dares to take risks even though he himself is not able and understands. With great self-confidence, he is very easy to control. For example, When the clown demon praised him with the sentence that Gabiru was the greatest Lizardman and strong enough to fight the Orc Lord. So Gabiru immediately took action to betray his race and fight the Orc Lord's army without anyone's help.

Loyal and Respect for His Subordinates

even though Gabiru has an annoying personality, but he is a loyal subordinate to his Master (After the Orc Lord incident). Then he also respects his father's decision (leader of the Lizardman) to punish him on the condition that all his subordinates can be forgiven.

Gabiru thought that he would be sentenced to death, but in fact he was only exiled with all his subordinates and begged to become Rimuru's subordinate.

The Reason Rimuru Accepts Gabiru As His Subordinate

Rimuru accepts Gabiru as his subordinate with the reason that Gabiru has concern for all his subordinates. With that reason (the only reason), So Gabiru became Rimuru's subordinate and worked as a herbal plant farmer.

Gabiru Promoted to Part of the Executive

After Rimuru rose to become a True Demon Lord, Gabiru was given the opportunity to become one of the Executives. That way he has the opportunity to be re-admitted as a Lizardman by the Lizardman leader. It is known that Gabiru was forbidden to refer to himself as a Lizardman nation after his betrayal.


Gabiru has the potential to become a young Commander. Even though he had little experience in fighting. However, after the incident against the Orc Lord, Rimuru believed that Gabiru was capable of becoming a strong figure. This is proven by his achievement to get a Special A (A +) rank.

Gabiru's Strength :

  • Dragon Body
  • Flame Breath
  • Thunder Breath
  • Unique Skill : Tuner
  • Extra Skills
    – All-Seeing Eye
    – Magic Sense
    – Multilayer Barrier
    – Sense Heat Source
    – Smell Kick
  • Resistance : Natural Elements Resistance, Abnormal Status Immunity and Physical Attack Resistance.

Gabiru uses a magic weapon inherited from his father. The weapon was the whirlpool spear that he got before leaving and being exiled from the Lizardman nation.

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