4 Facts about the "One Piece" Queen, a former member of MADS

4 Facts about the "One Piece" Queen, a former member of MADS

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Queen is one of the Antagonist (Villain) characters in the One Piece anime, especially in the Wano Arc. He has enormous power and a very influential role in the war in Wano Country. As one of Kaidou's strongest subordinates, he has a very large bounty of 1,320,000,000 berries.

Judging from her appearance, Queen has a very large and tall body shape. Not visible muscles, but a very fat and full body. He has a large tattoo on his right hand with clothes that look distinctive in black and white. He has long hair that is braided to the back and fur on the top of his lips (either a mustache or nose hair).

One Piece

Queen Facts Queen is one of the strongest characters who are subordinate to Kaidou, she has a bounty of 1,320,000,000 berries. In the Wano Arc, He has a very important role as the main Antagonist. But in a very big fight, he was defeated by the Luffy Pirates.

All-Star of the Beasts Pirates

Queen is one of the All-Star of the Beasts Pirates with King and Jack. He acts as one of Kaidou's right-hand men who has great power and influence. He has a bounty of 1,320,000,000 berries which is quite large, all of which comes from his extraordinary ability and strength.

Former MADS Member

In the past, Queen was a member of MADS along with Vinsmoke Judge and Vegapunk. Although not described in detail, he still has the ability and influence in technology development. In addition, he also has good intelligence with evidence that he had joined MADS.

Disrespectful and Greedy

Queen always spoke and acted disrespectfully among the All Stars. he also behaved like that towards all his subordinates. But he always respected someone who had great power.

Queen is a character who really likes food, she doesn't want to share it with others. His enormous body reflects his gluttony. He always eats a lot of food at one time and gets very angry when no food is prepared for him.

Queen is one of the pirates who is very loyal to Kaido and he really hates all traitors. In addition, He also has a very extraordinary calm in various conditions. When Big Mom is raging, she can still act calm and give orders to all her comrades.

Queen is actually afraid of Big Mom, but she can still control her emotions and stay calm in overcoming all these problems. Until finally he managed to tie up Big Mom and take her to Kaidou's residence.

Queen possesses the Ryu-Ryu no Mi Devil Fruit ability, Model: Brachiosaurus with Cyborg Enhancement.

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