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6 Facts about Kagali Tensura “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, the Demon King Kazaream is Back!!

by Staff Okuen 29 Apr 2022 0 Comments

Kagali is the former Demon Lord Kazaream. He "Resurrected" After surviving on only the remnants of his Spirit. It should be noted that About 200 years ago, the Demon King Kazaream was defeated by Leon. But he managed to escape and left a little "Spirit" only.

Long ago the Demon King Kazaream was known as the "Lord of the Curse" and was the President of the Harlequin Moderates alliance. After his resurrection, he changed his name to Kagali to cover all of his true identity. Even so, Kagali was still able to control the world with the help of all her subordinates. He is currently Yuuki's Subordinate.

Kagali Facts Tensura

Kagali is the Demon Lord Kazaream

About 200 years ago, the Demon Lord Kazaream was assassinated by Leon Cromwell. But the Demon King Kazaream managed to “Save” Himself by leaving his Spirit Remnants. With a few spirits at his disposal, the Demon King Kazaream managed to survive and obtain the body of Homonculus in the form of a Fairy Woman. Well after his "Awakening", He used the name Kagali to cover up his true identity.

Demon Lord Kazaream Becomes Yuuki Kagurazaka's Subordinate??

After Demon King Kazaream used his new Identity, Kagali, he started following Yuuki as his secretary. So it could be said that Demon Lord Kazaream is currently Yuuki's Subordinate. But for the future, all that is not yet clearly revealed. It should be noted that the Demon King Kazaream has not fully “Returned”. Because his current strength is still far from its former glory.

If you look at history, it can be concluded that the Demon King Kazaream will take his revenge on Leon and there is a possibility to help Yuuki in his plan.

Ruthless and Power

-hungry Demon King Kazaream is very Ruthless and Power-hungry, He joined the Demon King in the past just to increase his Reputation in Politics. The cruelty he did was terrible, he managed to curse many creatures to be made his subordinates. With his intelligence, he managed to curse many powerful creatures to be made his subordinates by force.

Becoming Feminine After “Reviving”

Demon King Kazaream was successfully revived and used the Female Elf Body. As explained earlier, Demon Lord Kazaream changed his name to Kagali and is currently working for Yuuki. Now in his current form, Demon King Kazaream is more feminine and tends to display the original "Female" side. All of this was done to cover up all the information about him.


Demon King Kazaream has subordinates who until recently were Active in horrific plots. The following are Demon King Kazaream's subordinates:

  • Clayman
  • Laplace
  • Footman
  • Tear

Demon King Kazaream's

Enemies There are several enemies of Demon King Kazaream, including:

  • Rimuru Tempest
    Demon King Kazaream vows to take revenge on Rimuru for killing Clayman.
  • Leon Cromwell
    His grudge against Leon will continue to exist. The reason for that was because Leon had killed Demon King Kazaream's “real body”.
  • Milim Nava
    Demon Lord Kazaream has great respect for Milim Nava. But he chose to fight it and help Yuuki in his plan.

Now that's a fact about Kagali (Demon King Kazaream) which until now has been known, but all of the writing above is only a theory. So please watch Anime Tensura to get other interesting facts.