4 Panda Powers “Jujutsu Kaisen”, Cursed Corpse Mutation!

4 Panda Powers “Jujutsu Kaisen”, Cursed Corpse Mutation!

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Panda's power is a very high cursed Energy. He instantly gets a cursed energy, because basically Panda is a Cursed Corpse with a Sudden Mutation and was created by the principal of Masamichi. Currently Panda is a partner of Toge Inumaki and Maki Zenin in Year 2 of Jujutsu school.

Panda has the appearance of a real "Panda". Panda has a cheerful and fun attitude and he has a typical "joke" in certain situations. During his youth, Panda spoke like a computer with a flat tone and confused expression, but after some time with "Humans" he began to show respect as one of the existing "Races".

Panda considers "humans" as a strange race, so that way he doesn't "try" to be human and he prefers to be who he is. Pandas tend to always underestimate the situation, he will not care about his "Will" Die and still mock people who will kill him.

The power of Panda Jujutsu Kaisen

Panda is a cursed corpse that has a very high level of Curse energy. Panda is the most perfect undead among other undead. He has great physical strength and is able to repel cursed demons with ease. Not only that, Karna Panda has extraordinary intelligence and can be smarter than all his enemies.

Panda will not be able to "Die" and Destroy easily, because the only way to kill him is to destroy the core of his life which is in the heart. Even so, it has immunity to any attack which makes it even more solid as an undead.

Panda's strength can be increased easily, And then he also has the ability to neutralize attacks and absorb damage into his body. Now with his strength he is able to repel cursed demons easily and is resilient when the enemy beats him.

The secret of Panda's intelligence comes from the education given by its creator, the principal of the school, Masamichi Yaga. He was well educated and taught various techniques and good analysis. That way he can be one step ahead in mastering tactics and intelligence of reason than anyone.

Great Cursed Energy

Because Panda is a cursed corpse, so it has a very large curse energy. Then the panda trains its body to balance attack with defense which results in Body Immortal and absolute defense. He can easily cover his body with cursed energy and then he is able to maintain a technique that is often avoided by other magicians.

3 Cores Panda's Body Panda

has 3 cores in his body namely Balanced Mode, Gorilla Mode and the third one (his sister) is still a mystery. When one of the cores is destroyed, the panda will not be able to change to that Mode until the destroyed core is repaired again. Well there is a possibility that this core becomes panda's weakness. It is known that pandas hides these three cores by using falsification of the location of these three nuclei.

Gorilla Mode

Panda uses this Mode by switching the core to "Brother" which is called Gorilla Mode. In Gorilla mode, Panda still resembles "Panda" but his strength and speed increase sharply. By using Gorilla Mode, Panda gets stronger and faster allowing him to defeat Special-level Devils quickly and easily. But the Energy required in this Mode is very much.

Drumming Beat

When Panda uses Gorilla Mode, he will use an attack that has a "Drum"-like nature. So when the panda's attack hits the enemy, the attack will produce a shock wave that can destroy the opponent from within. Well even though the enemy uses a very strong defense, the panda can destroy it and send waves into it.

When fighting Panda always uses paper clips to attack the enemy. So far, the panda's power has only been introduced to that extent. So there is a possibility in the next episodes the power of pandas will be shown in more detail.


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